Friday, June 29, 2007

Open Thread

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

Lot of stuff has happened recently, and I was wondering what your thoughts were.

We've got the entertainment news: Paris out of jail. Genarlow Wilson still in jail. The Clintons as Sopranos ad. Coulter vs. Edwards on Chris Matthews.

We've got the really real news: The immigration bill defeated in the Senate. A car bomb disarmed in London. Texas floods. Tony Blair steps down and hands power to Gordon Brown.

I've of course got my opinions on all of these. I was wondering what y'all thought. Or if there was any news out there that could be added to all this.

Let's hear ya.


sophmom said...

News? My summer wooden bat team is 0-2. I'm supposed to be the GM but my dang field coach has missed the first two games and I'm a terrible field coach.

Seems to me the Clinton/Sopranos ad was pretty stark evidence that they totally didn't understand what they were putting out there. JMHO. Tony is dead. The Man in the Member's Only Jacket came out of the bathroom blasting just as Meadow walked in the door.

ITMT, I've become addicted to John From Cincinnati. Note to self: Must get life (read: travel to New Orleans to wake up).

liberalandproud said...

IMHO, Paris Hilton put far more people in danger with her DUI than Genarlow Wilson did with his supposed felony.

Dante said...

Here's my rundown on your items:

Fake news:
-I don't follow Paris news whether it be the city or the tart.
-Last political commercial I saw was the unofficial Obama Apple 1984 ad. I don't really follow gangster shows either but do have a soft spot for Goodfellas.
-Ironic that the news media that hounds Coulter for taking things so out of context took a comment of hers so out of context. Other than that, don't really care about either side of that argument.

Real news:
-If it's a vocal minority that opposed the immigration bill, they're awfully vocal.
-I had a friend from Ireland with a shady past that was the target of a car bomb once. Someone tried to rig up one of his cars to detonate. His only comments on the issue were on how poor a job they did on the bomb.
-Texas flooded because there was no rain for so long that the ground was too packed to take in the water. That sort of thing happens a lot there but not usually as bad as recent rains. I also hear there are a lot of lake closures because of debris in the water.
-Thatcher isn't still the PM?

New items:
-Speaking of lakes, Lake Hartwell is either low enough or has enough runoff (there's some new home construction nearby) in it that I lost some blades off my propeller in the MAIN CHANNEL (as marked by the red and green markers). I'd like to give a nod to Fore and Aft Marine in Florida for getting me replacement blades by Thursday for an order placed Tuesday. They got them to me faster and cheaper than my local West Marine could.
-Days are getting shorter now and I hate it.
-Whoever takes over as host of The Price is Right, PLEASE don't let it be Jeff Foxworthy. Last night I watched "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" and even after some time to get used to it, Foxworthy is painfully bad at managing time. The contestant even mentioned that he had asked her to answer questions more slowly and made fun of him for it. I hear Richard Dawson is traveling to the studio now to give Foxworthy a swift kick in the nuts on behalf of all of mankind.
-Is it just me or is EVERY summer movie a sequel?

sophmom said...

Most importantly, it rained hard and long in the A-T-L last night!

Word verification "zdyzalo" (seems like some "new" kind of Luiziana music;).

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I was a fan of the Clinton/Soprano ad for one reason: it shows they are paying more attention to popular culture. For political folks, this is miles closer to being "in-touch" with the public than in recent years.

The Wilson case (coupled with the Duke Lacrosse team/Nifong fiasco), is continuing evidence that our criminal justice system is going to need to do things better, and focus a little closer on common sense issues. This has not been a good year for prosecutors in the public eye, and I am worried about the profession. A loss of confidence in our CJ system by the public = less effective rule of law in society. That's bad.

I also watched a segment today on CNN that had many terrorism "experts" revealing that they thought we would have seen vehicles-as-bombs attacks long ago. I guess they forgot 1992 and 1993.

I find it interesting that the London car bombs were prevented mainly by a vigilant public rather than much espoused 'intelligence gathering.' Though 'intelligence gathering' is very likely to net the suspects quicker in response to all this. Though the bomb in Spain and the fire attack on the Glasgow airport today should be encouraging everyone to look up from their I-phones this weekend.

Dante: Jerz pointed out to me that every movie Hollywood is making these days is either a sequel or a remake of an old movie. There haven't been a whole lot of original ideas coming out of the entertainment industry in quite some time.

Dante said...

"In-touch?" Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. If you think the folks in Washington aren't their own social caste, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The timing of the London attacks is interesting. Gordon isn't quite the supporter of the War on Terror that Tony is. Kind of reminds me of the train bombing in Spain a few years back.

A Regular Guy said...

Hello Pat,
thanks for posting over on 'A Regular Guy' . I thought I would stop by and take a look-see what you are up to over here.

There is so much in the news, eh?

Hope to hear from you again.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Dante: I didn't say they were all the way "in touch," just far more than I've seen recently. I know they are their own class.

But anything greater than zero is more. That they even acknowledge a popular culture refrence and play off that is something that blew me away.

Regular Guy: Thanks for clicking over. I've been reading your stuff since DADvocate linked over to you.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Sophmom? Your team is 0-2 and you need a NOLA vacation already? :)

Come enjoy some zdylzalo music!

the lady said...

Better late than never news bit---Joel Siegel, noted film critic dies of cancer and every single article feels need to mention the argument between him and Kevin Smith last year. can't a guy die without having his last stupid, public act refreshed in his newsclip!!

Leigh C. said...

Kinda late, myself...but I visited Athens, Jawjuh for the first time evah this past weekend!

More on that later...

sophmom said...

Yeah. I'm all better now for going to N.O., but we'll have to see about my baseball babies this evening. We play a group of former Marist players, many of whom are either playing or scheduled to play as freshmen, college baseball (mostly D1 - Penn, UNC, Miami of Ohio). I'm missing my best pitcher and my shortstop so if my rain prayers aren't answered it could get ugly. Still, it's baseball and any given day...

I had a blast in N.O. Thanks so much for humoring us like minded old ladies with drinks. It was a trip highlight. If you're still around and are in the mood for lopsided baseball, we're at Dunwoody Senior Baseball at Dunwoody Park on the upper field 5:15. My feelings won't be hurt if you can't make it. If you're driving back, here's wishing you safe travel.