Thursday, June 28, 2007

Teh Greatest You Tube Evar

It is less than 70 days until college football season, and I almost cried when I watched this little bit of Playstation meets YouTube meets Classic Radio Commentary magic. It is monologue worthy, and is located just off Duval Street, about 92 yards, one steel chair a whole one rebuilt stadium past awesome.

Yes, I heard about what happened there that night, and on St Simons and on Jekyll and all those places, with all those Dawg people who had condos rented for the next three days. Property destruction don't even come close, and the locals who were old enough, they still tell tales of that night, and can recite the call from memory. I've seen them do it.

This stuff is so good, even Gatorblogger Orson linked to it, paying homage to both the College World Wonder Larry Munson and the skill with which this UGA fan has deftly demonstrated with a PlayStation.

Glory, Glory.

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