Sunday, July 15, 2007


Most Christians have it, the ones you hear on this video don't.

I recall something in the book of Matthew about Christians who find other people who disagree with them. The instructions go something like: if you find someone who does not welcome you and your message, let your peace come back to you, and shake the dust off your sandals as you leave the house. Can't think of the exact passage, but I know it is in there. The idea was to let God take care of the non-believers later so you can get on down the road with the good word and work on that whole internalization of religion thing.

Lotta 'talk-money Christians' out there, though, who have to prove to their other 'talk-money Christian' friends how 'Christian' they are. I guess there were no children going hungry or infirm and sick to care for anywhere or any sheetrock left to hang, judging by all the time these folks have on their hands to get over to the Senate chamber and stir up trouble...

Meanwhile, the walking-the-walk Christians are down at places like the homeless shelter, spooning out food; working to clothe and house their families and give a little bit to the less fortunate; hanging sheetrock in New Orleans and Mississippi; having dinner with friends of whatever other religion because life is too short and precious to each of us to spend it all arguing; and living lives of good example, hoping a little bit of the good upbrining will shine through in thier kids and friends. That's where the walking-the-walk Christians are. Just thought we should go over that, because they don't get near enough press in comparison.

But, said video will make the rounds. The anti-Christians will have their say and paint the whole religious community with the brush of lunacy, and then the whole religious community will feel under attack again by 'those culture warriors on the left.' And the whole thing goes on and on, same as it ever was, which is exactly how those 'talk-money Christians' make their money.

Shame, really.

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dadvocate said...

A rather sad expression of Christianity. As a nation we must be inclusive of religions other than Christianity as long as they act within the law. Interesting that they can pray in Congress but not in schools, though.

One year in high school a guy in my homeroom was a French citizen. Naturally, he didn't pledge allegiance to our flag. But, we all understood and never said a thing about it.

I think you can be a good Christian simply by leading your life in the right way, by applying "Christian" principles to everyday situations.

I tend to like many of the Zen stories and sayings I've read. One that seems to apply to your post is this one.

A young physician went to a Zen Master and asked to be taught Zen. "Zen is not such a difficult practice," said the Master. you are a physician, treat your patients with kindness, that is Zen. " The physician visited the Master three times, but on each occasion he was told the same thing. The Master said, " a physician should not waste his time here, go home and look after your patients."

It was not clear how such a teaching could remove the doubts and confusion about life that the physician had, and so on the fourth visit he complained to the Master. The Master smiled and said, "Perhaps 1 have been too hard on you. 1 will give you a meditation to practice. " He instructed the physician in Insight meditation. The physician practised this form of meditation each day for two years.

At length he thought he had attained clarity of mind, but the Master commented, "you are not there yet." The physician continued to practice. In time his mind became calm and balanced. Problems and doubt dissolved. Emptiness became the Truth. He served his patients well and without ever knowing it, became free from the concern over life and death. The next time he visited the Master, the Master simply smiled.

A humble carpenter who practices his craft well does infinitely more good than those yelling at the Hindu priest. Of course, you already knew that.