Saturday, July 14, 2007

Down At the Bottom

Of this post over at NOLAdishu, we are reminded that the District Attorney's office down here did knowingly get rid of skilled personnel on the basis of race and age.

Just a reminder, in case anyone forgot. The folks downtown are trying the old "The-Buck-Don't-Stop-With-the-Guy-In-Charge Shuffle", but hopefully that won't work, and we can get rid of this guy.

Which is a further reminder of something: what in the Hell is wrong with prosecutors in the United States these days? Seriously, between Mike Nifong and the Duke Lacrosse Player-gate, the David McDade & Genarlow Wilson fustercluck in Georgia, and this ridiculous situation in New Orleans, the whole criminal justice system is looking like it is about to implode. Without prosecutors we can trust to 1) do their jobs correctly and 2) advocate the people's cases in the interests of justice, we will be reduced to anarchy, as any defense attorney will be able to get any defendant off anywhere because of prosecutorial misconduct.

Sprout, I hope you are paying attention. When you get that fancy law school degree, you'd better get to bein' a part of the solution, bub. I know where you stay at.

What we really need is every law school graduate to begin a summer internship with the Jim Letten School of Kicking Tail and Taking Names.


dadvocate said...

Pat - I imagine that such prosecutorial abuses have been going on a long time. We just here about them more now. Which is a good thing. Prosecutors will more commonly be held to a higher standard.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I know prosecutorial abuses have been going on a long time. I just wonder why three really high profile situations have shown on the radar in the last year. I can hope that means people are finally getting sick of the nonsense. I guess the "stirring up hatred for defense attorneys" line has finally gotten tired, and folks are starting to realize that the number one reason murderers are walking the streets may have some relation to number of prosecutors actually doing their jobs.

Also, if you read that comment thread over at DADvocate's link, you can see there are still many, many folks with their heads still in the sand.

But you're right, this is a good thing. More scrutiny will make them do their jobs better.