Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Trouble for the Falcons

Q: You ever seen anything like that?

A: Hell, I ain't never even heard of anything like that.

For the first time evar, PETA may find themselves on the same side of an issue as all the punditry of the right wing. Our new animal-rights/national-security threat? Mike Vick aka Ron Mexico.

In even stranger news, this lawsuit will actually be a litmus test for the new national security bill - this is a bill that was ushered through Congress by an independent and a Republican, almost scuttled by the Democrats, who then overwhelmingly supported and took credit for the whole thing. Lot of web chatter over this one, and it was passed just in time to become the law that will affect the Vick/Mexico litigation.

So, the plaintiff in the case gets to accuse the NFL star of conspiring with both Iran, Al-Quaeda and animal abusers. But because of the new law, the NFL star might not be able to countersue the plaintiff for legal fees or damages to whatever shreds of a reputation he has left, because the new national security bill prohibits lawsuits brought against those who report suspicious activity.

And the stealing of identity, making money off animal cruelty to buy weapons from a rouge state sponsor of terrorism sure sounds like "suspicious activity" to me.

We will have to watch the sports newswire to find out how the government responds to this mess landing on someone's docket. Hint: if Atlanta moves their training camp to Guantanamo Bay, you know the result....

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