Saturday, July 14, 2007


There are many interesting quips that can be made when one hears the news that 25 paratroopers drifted off course and ended up landing in a Colorado state prison. I mean, really, that's probably the safest way to end up in prison in the first place, and as long as the inmates don't know your guns are loaded with rubber bullets, I bet they wouldn't give you any beef.

But what really got me about this one is that the guards "handles the inadvertent intrusion correctly." I mean, I know they have to have a lot of contingencies on the guards' side of the fence, but I want to see the rulebook page concerning the standard operating proceedure (sop) for what you do when 25 apparently armed men in camoflage drop out of the sky towards your position.

Two things I just thought of:

1) Well, of course they have a contingency for this sort of thing in Colorado. Bet they're all copyrighted 1984 or 1985...

2) Paratroopers rule.

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Leigh C. said...

3) Uhh...oops?