Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Dat?

We call him DJ back East. Saints still have a big edge when it comes to owning the NFC South, but the personell lining up at QB in the ATL may make the road a little harder in the long term.

The most wonderful time of the year....football season....soon.


Dante said...

Pat, you know as well as I do that the Saints are absolutely incapable of doing well when they're expected to. Not saying the Falcons will do any better but the Saints are going to choke.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

The Saints are not going to choke, because they have rarely had to deal with high expectations. People here love this team even in the worst of seasons. (You see the same thing in the college football world with South Carolina fans.)

The Saints are not the Braves.

That being said, I believe they are the most talented and best coached team in the NFC South, for sure, and one of the best in the whole NFC. Though Peyton has created big shoes for himself to fill this year, all Drew Brees does is keep teams in position to win championships. I believe that will happen this year as well.

When this team gets tore up, it is when they are facing another team with a radical, blitz happy defense (please see Baltimore, Chicago). They will have trouble with Jacksonville this year because of that.

But their offense lays into other teams. And, their offense is team based, with the heaviest reliance on Brees. He stays healthy = fine Saints season in 2007.

Mr. Clio said...

The Saints will be fine today. Unfortunately for me and other Saints fans, though, I predict the Falcons will be better WITHOUT Michael Vick.

He is the Allen Iverson of the NFL. I don't think he makes his team better, although he is entertaining to watch.

Like the Librarian, I really want the Falcons to sign Aaron Brooks. Hee hee. (That's one guy who would make Vick look good.)

Dante said...

"I predict the Falcons will be better WITHOUT Michael Vick"

That's a bunch of hooey. There's just no way the trifecta of Harrington, Redman, and Shockley are going to be better than Vick. I have issues with Vick's decision making process but he's a Rhodes f'ing Scholar compared to Harrington. Harrington's only claims to fame are being lucky enough for Texas to choke on him (dropping 3 game-saving TD passes on the numbers at the end of a game is a choke for the ages) and beating a Colorado team that blundered it's way into 3rd place when Texas and Nebraska completely forgot how to stop a run up the middle.

Sports media keeps reminding us that he was a high draft pick but you have to add about 15 to the draft number on Millen's drafts for them to make any sense.

Hate Vick if you want to, but he's a lot better QB than Atlanta's current alternatives. Too bad Atlanta can't take back their decision to get rid of Schaub. After the eleventy sacks Schaub will receive in his first two minutes of playing for Houston, he might want also lament his decision.