Thursday, August 02, 2007

Community Emergency Response Teams

I've been in New Orleans for 10 months now, but I have yet to hear about any organization along the lines of something like this. It has probably gone on, but has escaped my attention. I mean, I know they had to have programming like this back on Island City, especially with FLETC right across the river, but I never heard about it back there, either.

The idea is to bring programming to the citizens and actually train local groups as first responders. The definition is pretty basic: first aid, search and rescue, firefighting, other stuff that saves lives (yourselves and others) in the failing hours. I can't imagine how important this would be in times of crisis.

I'm going to get an email into the Louisiana coordinator in Baton Rouge and find out if DHS are running any such programs in my area, and see what it would take to get involved. If they aren't running such a program in NOLA right now, I'm going to bring it up at the Rising Tide II Conference to guage interest in getting one down here.

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TravelingMermaid said...

I know Ray was very interested in citizen first responders and did some looking into it back in the spring. If my memory the firefighters end of it has an age limit. You might want to talk to him.