Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Define Irony: Roll Tide

I reckon the University of Alabama decided they never wanted an invitation to the Sugar Bowl again, evar. Because you ain't gonna believe this business. Tax breaks for condo developers - in Tuscaloosa???? Guess the Bama boosters wanted to feel just as welcome on Bourbon Street as Tucker Carlson.

As if LSU and Alabama didn't have enough of a rivalry going on, now this. I mean, the recovery from the one-two punch of natural and man-made disasters on the Gulf Coast can still make the national news, but the college football news? On perhaps the most widely read college football blog in the nation? That's saying something.

Thank you, Orson for lending your considerable bandwidth, and exposing your readership, to this issue. If nothing else, the Auburn and LSU fans who read about it will never, ever let it drop. And any help we can get from word of mouth that powerful is very, very welcome.

100 frosty Bourbon Street beverages to you, sir!

(And linkers, be sure to peruse the comment thread on the EDSBS piece, words fail in description.)

Update: 6pm CDT

First Draft has it as well, and links over to the Huffington Post who picked up on the AP wire. Tip of the hat on this link strand from Oyster.

And the m.d. filter refers to it as well, and touches on some additional GO Zone shenanigans.


m.d. said...

In the EDSBS comments, someone point out this:

$5 million in Gulf Opportunity Zone bonds for the Louisiana Community Development Authority to finance the cost of a 35-acre apartment, retail and condominium development adjacent to Tiger Stadium.



I am not sure, but that might be refering to this:

LSU fans weary of returning to New Orleans after a Tiger game will soon have an option that lets them enjoy the spirit of the game for a weekend or longer.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Capstone Development Corp. plans to build FieldHouse Baton Rouge, a luxury sports-themed condominium to be built at the north gates of Louisiana State University, less than half a mile from Tiger Stadium.


Leigh C. said...

Any way the NCAA can put 'Bama AND LSU on probation for such shenanigans? Just a futile thought...