Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fast Forward

The second most destructive natural disaster, after Katrina's twin disasters of the natural and man-made, is Hurricane Andrew. Also with a retired jersey, and another double-landfall storm, Andrew was a Category 5 that ripped apart south Florida in 1992 and also landed in the Atchafalaya region in Louisiana.

After reading this article, I wonder what will be written about New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August of 2015.

If I'm still around, I will be 37 years old when that piece is written. I wonder what it will say.

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Leigh C. said...

If you're still around...what frickin' nonsense! There ain't many good ole boys that die young, unless, of course, they say, "Hey, watch THIS!!!!!"

I remember the pictures of the aftermath of Andrew in Homestead. Carl Hiaasen, Floridian writer extraordinaire and investigator of shady real estate shenanigans in the state, made some lengthy comments on how the houses' shoddy construction there also contributed to the devastation.

Hmmm...shoddy construction...sounds familiar...