Monday, August 27, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again!

Yes, kids, it's time for the 2nd Annual WHRG Pigskin Prognostication Pickoff! Rules are slightly changed this year, in order to make my accounting easier. Here dey be.

1 - You must pick a minimum of 100 total games, NCAA Division I-A, or NFL, by the end of the regular seasons. Preseason NFL games DO NOT COUNT.

2 - Picks include only the Over/Under and/or the spread for a particular game. Example - picking UGA -2 versus Yech last year, and picking the Under on an O/U of 30 counts as two picks. You do not have to pick both betting items per game.

3 - Scoring this year is slightly changed. We will keep track of wins, losses, and pushes this time around. Pushes will neither help nor hurt you, except in the case of the ultimate tiebreaker, detailed below.

4 - Winner will be declared to be the person who picks the highest number of winning games, minimum 100, with most games picked being the first tiebreaker, and fewest pushes being the second. Example: paT picks 100 games, goes 30-60-10. SAWB picks 103 games, goes 31-61-11, SAWB would win for the season, based on more games picked.

5 - You must select your slate of games every week from a reputable oddsmaker. I'm personally partial to Pinnacle, but you're free to use anyone that I can reasonably look up the spreads from.

6 - You must post your picks for any games BEFORE the kickoff time, i.e. no picking UGA to cover the 7 on OKST AFTER they go up 21 in the first quarter.

If you need a primer on the terminology used here, check this link.

This contest is open to anyone with a pulse, and at least a passing interest in either college or pro football. Post below with your picks for the first week of College Feetball. The winner of this shindig this year will win a shiny paragraph of effusive praise from our patented "Effusive Praise Machine(tm)".


S.A.W.B. said...

Week 1 picks. This should be amusing...

Lines from USA Today's live odds

Rutgers -32 v Buffalo

LSU -18 v Mississippi State

Navy -21 v Temple

VTU -24.5 v East Carolina

West Virginia -23.5 v Western Michigan

UCLA/Stanford OVER 47.5
UCLA -16.5 v Stanford

Georgia Tech +2.5 v Notre Dame

BYU/UArizona OVER 45.5
BYU -5.5 v Arizona

UGA/OkieState UNDER 54
Georgia -6.5 v OkieState

Troy +24 v Arkansas

Texas -39 v Arkansas State

UT/Cal UNDER 52.5
UT +5.5 v Cal

USC -45 v Idaho

Clem(p)son/Freeshoes OVER 45
Clem(p)son + 3 v Free Shoes


Drinking the kool-aid - The First National Bank of Temple, and the Second National Bank of Buffalo to pay off in spades again this year.

BYU to score 45 by themselves.

Not drinking the kool-aid - Golden Domers beating the nurds. Arkansas blowing out Troy to the tune of 25 or more.

the lady said...

how in the hell do you find the time for all of this stuff???

S.A.W.B. said...

Why do you ask questions that you don't really want the answers to? ;)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Week 1 Picks, lines from Opening

Rutgers - 32 v Buffalo

LSU - 18 v Miss State

Washington - 3 v Syracuse

UAB + 19.5 v That's Why You're Michigan State

Colorado State + 2.5 v Colorado
Over 44.5

Wake Forest + 6.5 v Boston College
Under 42.5

Wisconsin - 14 v. Washington State

Notre Dame - 2.5 v North Avenue Trade and Vocational Annex

Arkansas - 24 v Troy

Tennessee + 5.5 v Cal
Over 52.5

Extra: Oklahoma State 27, Georgia 31 in an instant classic. (OK St + 6.5, over 54)

Different Kool Aid

Dante said...

Mississippi State +20 Under 45.5
East Carolina +28
Colorado State +2.5
Notre Dame -2 Under 45.5
Tennessee +6
Texas Tech -10
FSU -3.5

Lock of the Week: North Texas +40.5
-North Texas sucks but 40.5?! Oklahoma likes running up the score but they're not hanging 40 on the Green.

UGA Game:
UGA 28 Okie State 13 (official picks: UGA -7 Under 65)
-Much like Boise State a few years ago, UGA is going show an up-and-coming team that they're just not there yet while at the same time showing that unproven player doesn't equal unskilled player.

Dante said...

Oh yeah, my source is Bet US.

S.A.W.B. said...

forgot my UGA prediction

Georgia 34, Okie 13

S.A.W.B. said...

adding my pick of Texas Tech -10, and OVER 59.5

so far, SAWB is in the lead for the week, paT has taken a beating, and Dante's lock of the week got beaten by that lock...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, well, you pinged the UGA game straight on the money, didn't you?

Yeah, I got kilt though, this week.

S.A.W.B. said...

week 1 results -

SAWB 12-10
paT 5-10
Dante 7-5