Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jackass of the Month Candidate: Frank Beamer

Last year when UGA came from behind to beat Virginia Tech in the Peach Bowl, I had the pleasure of watching the game at a VT Grad couple's house and got to sleep in their guest room with a VT blanket on the bed, a VT lamp, and a VT helmet in the room. That was a good day. Turns out VT Coach Frank Beamer hasn't forgotten it either. He's apparently blaming open practices on UGA being able to beat VT. He thinks he was spied on. Maybe he's right but if that were the case, wouldn't we have done something about it before falling behind so far in the first quarter? We must've planned that part.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

So, because of this, the feel good story of the college football year has manufactured a rivalry with the Bulldog Nation. Grreeeat.

I can see this ending well, especially if we have to play each other in the post season again...