Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quick Hits 3: Culture Shock

It is like taking crazy pills.

Back in Athens, the big news is that the city will begin enforcing more strigent outdoor watering restrictions so they can reserve their water for important things like drinking, and encorage folks not to wash cars or water lawns. The usual "Property Owner's Rights vs Public Drinking Water" debate begins yet again.

Meanwhile, New Orleans is having difficulty enforcing the local murder restriction and the Mayor is worried more about 'brand identity' than pulbic safety. This is perhaps the most inappropriate 'two-edged sword' metaphor evar. That's right, folks, if you thought the "chocolate city" quote was the end all be all, you ain't going to believe this train of thought. And it ain't like we can make stuff like this up.

The 'good' news? He's prolly runnin' for governor.

Some folks are obviously very unhappy with the man.

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dadvocate said...

This is the first time I've ever heard that take on the problem of murders in a city. Maybe the powers that be in Cincinnati will pick up on it and boost Cinci's tourism or something like that.

Right now Cincinnati has a problem with people and businesses moving out because of crime. I'm certain that if the mayor uses the same spin as Ray Nagin people an businesses will be flocking back to the city.