Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Top Five

That's right. The kids are finally starting to live up to the long, glorious tradition we laid out for them in the late 90's. Georgia # 5 Party School in Nation and screw what President Adams thinks of that. You go to Georgia for the education, the music and the parties. It's what we do.

And we don't even have to burn couches to get there.


dadvocate said...

Damn! Georgia beats Tennessee again. What's scary is that six SEC schools are in the top 20.

TravelingMermaid said...

Ole Miss is #2 -- heh.

Charlotte aka Auntie ChaCha from Mississippi aka TravelingMemaid aka anything else you want to call me cuz I'm easy......(no, not THAT kind of easy!)

I don't know why I can't comment with my Wordpress username. Drat.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I thought it was quaint that WVU's students were talking about how great it was to have 15 whole bars in Morganville. Athens has 15 per block.

I don't think it is scary that 6 SEC schools made the top 10, I'm surprised there weren't more of them. Except for Mississippi State. While some SEC schools are located in places nicknamed "Gainesvegas" and "Knoxvegas," MSU's city is known as "Starkganistan."

As far as Ole Miss, we know, we know. But that statistic is leavened with the fact that Ole Miss is universally determined to have the highest per capita of hot women enrolled. And you know parties are always better with good ratios.