Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up

Lot of fantastic writing from New Orleans this week. If you haven't already, you should click around and get a good sample. Do me a favor and don't just pay attention to this on August 29th. Don't just tune out. History is being written here every day. Again, reciprocal links and a vibrant online sense of community make tipping the hat impossible. Just read.

American Zombie says “This anniversary, I’m 180 degrees from last year,” but prior to that gives an estimation how government corruption and big business can work together to kill you.

Ashley compares New Orleans to Deadwood.

Cliff’s Crib is 100% Full Blooded New Orleans

Dangerblond talks about her evacuation, how 400,000 people did somehow make it out of the city, yet there is still a great deal of hate directed towards New Orleans for those who did not make it out.

The G-Bitch Top 15, as determined by the author herself. And if looking for some recovery money numbers, especially the Mississippi vs Louisiana situation, there are numbers here.

And the MD Filter has even more numbers for you to look at. Thunder ain’t rain.

Morwen gives some personal reflection on two years ago.

It can sometimes seem like one…really…long…day. - Jeffery

“America, we need you to stand with us, not against us. We need you to understand that our recovery is not a political issue. Men have turned it into that.” After that Varg writes about his own evacuation story.

Tim talks about his other lifetime. “We entered the Contraflow two years ago, and we’re still traveling that road, hoping to arrive at our destination before too long.”

“As New Orleans goes, so goes the rest of the nation.” –Schroder.

Ray lets us Gather by the River.

Leigh C: “In my tradition, one lights a candle on the anniversary of one’s death, that person’s yahrtzeit.”

Day 730. Two posts by Maitri.

Traveling Mermaid: “There are very few smiling faces the last two days.”

Sophmom has her roundup, and posits this thought: “I don't understand why so many folks think New Orleans is different and not deserving of the same respect the rest of America expects, why so many who live elsewhere express such vehement, venomous animosity towards New Orleanians and why it's sometimes particularly directed at those who are there doing the work of rebuilding.”

“I don’t want pity, but I do expect a reasonable amount of understanding” from Buras, Louisiana.

Mark Folse reposts “Ghosts of the Flood” from 10/05/2006.

YRHT reminds us about 5am.

Clay: Post Apocalyptic New Orleans.

If you can't see your own home, your own trial, your own family somewhere within the words on these pages, tell everybody at the Big Rock Candy Mountain I said hello.

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