Saturday, September 01, 2007

College Football is Back (Week 1 Review)

(The sports page hasn't been updated since April. I'm going to go ahead and post this here.)

So week 1 of college football is back and I finally got to us the line I came up with months ago. The plan is that I walk in on the middle of a conversation where someone mentions the Virginia Tech tragedy, I say "It wasn't that bad," and after I get a few looks of utter disgust I say, "Oh, I thought you were talking about the Peach Bowl." Is that so wrong? Everyone else seemed to think it a bit too soon. Oh well.

Michigan sure is a cocky school. They think they're just the greatest team on earth. They go on and on about their most wins in college football and their supreme historical win record. Now they have a new record for their books. Not only was this the first time in their amazing history that they stooped to playing a Div IAA opponent, it was also the first time an AP ranked team has ever lost to a Div IAA school. Congratualations, Michigan. You deserved it. Oh, and you had no business being ranked 5.

GA Tech rolled the Irish and I couldn't help but be impressed by Tech's offensive line. I have no love of GT. In fact, I think someone on the radio summed up my feelings pretty well. Back before the US invaded Iraq, this radio caller said that if Georgia Tech were playing Iraq, he'd be cheering for the University of Iraq. I couldn't agree more. Go Saddam! Beat Tech! Flaaaaag Boy! But man, that line looked good.

And once again, UGA got to prove that some up-and-coming school just wasn't as good as they thought they were. Nice explosive offense, Okie State.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

What about that Tennessee - California score? After an off season of smack talk, we are never going to hear the end of it from the Pacx.

What does that end result mean? Is Cal a world beater, now to challenge for the Pacx title and perhaps the MNC? Or was Tennessee overrated? I know we won't actually find that out until the next few games have been played, but what do ya think, right now?

Dante said...

Tennessee wasn't done at the time of posting so I didn't comment yet. Tennessee can't tackle. That's not the worst problem to have because it can be corrected during the season. Unfortunately for them, it's usually not corrected expect for once every two or three years. Tennessee also has no receivers. It was bad last year when Georgia was getting receivers open who couldn't hang onto the ball. This is much worse because without the receivers getting open at all, the opposing defense has a lot more personnel to committ to the box.

My criteria for best conference isn't who would beat who. We live in a college football world where the rubber rarely hits the road in that regard so such arguments are usually just a bunch of penis-waving. I look at who produces the best games. And the SEC from top to bottom produces FAR better games on week-to-week basis than any of the ultra-top-heavy "powerhouse" confernces with one to two good teams in them any given year. The SEC is ALWAYS the best conference because it always produces the best football games. And I think that's no small part of why it severely ouitearns all other conferences year in and year out.

Cal beat Tennessee? Good for them. Georgia v Tennessee is still going to be an excellent game. So is Florida v Tennessee, Georia v Florida, LSU v Auburn, and any other of the massive Punnett square of good SEC team matchups.

Sure that might hurt national title game consideration for SEC teams but if pollsters are considering the Tennessee v Cal game and you're not Cal or Tennesse, then you didn't do a good enough job of convincing pollsters during the regular season. You don't deserve any more of a shot than anyone else in the mix. Besides, Florida's impending fall from grance will hurt the SEC's overall image this year more than Tennessee's loss.

dadvocate said...

My Vols got beat. California looks tough this year. They have speed out the wazoo. One of the freshmen has run the 4th fastest 100 meters in the country this year and he's a football player first and a track guy second. Cal had too much speed on offense for Tennessee.

With the SEC as tough as it is Tennessee going to have to play 100% every game to have a chance.

I love Appy State beating Michigan. I watched Appy win the national championship last year and knew they could play with anybody.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Meanwhile, up in Michigan...they are experiencing technical difficulties at the MGOblog.

Dante said...

A more appropriate image for their site.

liberalandproud said...

I have never been so frustrated watching a football game! My high school team could tackle better than the Vols did Saturday. Granted, we had a really good team, but still. I'm using the jet lag excuse, 'cause those boys were playin' like it was just too late to try. Argh! I can't wait for basketball season. The Lady Vols seem to be the only ones I can count on.