Thursday, September 27, 2007

Methinks this one will get struck down shortly...

Especially once one of Tennessee's neighbor states files suit in federal court in a restriction of trade case. Congratulations, Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr, you've managed to make your state look dumber faster than Fat Phil Fulmer could if he started recruiting at Leavenworth.


dadvocate said...

The proper thing to do would be to lower Tennessee's cigarette taxes so that people from other states would come to Tennessee to buy cigarettes. Tennessee is bordered by seven other states. This could create a cigarette tax windfall.

S.A.W.B. said...

True, dadvocate, but, that might make some semblence of sense. It's way, WAY, more-better-cost-effective-awesome to have uniformed officers spending their time watching excise tax scofflaws than doing anything to solve or prevent some of the more prevalent, and rampant, crimes in the state... ;)

Christopher said...

Quick reminder:

The national average cigarette tax is $1.02
44 states have increased their cigarette excise tax in last 5 years.
Many of the states surrounding TN have been attempting to increase their tax for years (SC is getting close after 7 years of trying, Georgia may give it another shot next year)
The increased price of cigarettes is the PRIMARY preventer of youth tobacco use and early addiction.

Pending veto and the eventual override vote, Congress just passed a 61 cents per pack increase to the Federal tobacco tax

Across the nation these taxes fund anything from children's healthcare programs to highway development.

Seems to me Tennessee is just protecting a prized revenue stream.