Thursday, September 13, 2007

Open Thread and a Word on Editorial Policy

This site has become quite a football-specific news/commentary site lately. A poster had brought this to our attention and I thought it deserved a proper explanation. We are primarily a 3-man staff here at Hurricane Radio. Here are our editorial duties:

SAWB: Sports Editor, Libertarian News Editor, Official Nap Taker
Dante: Assistant Sports Editor, Obscure News Editor, Official Contrarian
Pat: General News Editor, New Orleans-Specific News Items Editor, Official Complainer

I went by Pat's office to ask why we haven't seen any news stories crying about New Orleans coming from his desk lately. It appears Pat has bamboozled us. He put a sack of potatoes in his desk chair and a tape recorded loop of him singing "I work hard for the money!" We didn't notice this for some time now. I think he's been out since early September. I went to ask SAWB about Pat's absence but his office was locked. I tired asking him where Pat went off to but all SAWB would respond with was, "I work hard for the money! So hard for the money!"

Until we find out what Pat has been up to, I'll try to dig up some stories. It's kind of hard being the Obscure News Editor during a slow news time because even the most obscure items are being picked up by the mainstream media. I've already covered Russia and their government-sponsored procreating ways. Hsu ended up getting picked up by the New York Times. The Patriots spying habits put us back in the football category. I'll find something. Until then, feel free to post here about whatever you'd like.


Leigh C. said...

Are you sure the recording being played by Coozan's sack of 'taters isn't "Pressure Drop"?

As for topics, I'd like to direct everybody to this fella Clay Travis' book "Dixieland Delight", in which the author spends an entire football season game-hopping through the SEC.

From Chapter 6 - Georgia: "I distinctly recall asking Doug why he decided on grad school in Athens. He didn't skip a beat in responding. 'Wait until you see the girls in the bars.' He had gone down there for a visit and seen the girls dancing on top of the bars at last call. And he was sold...I can just picture Georgia football coach Mark Richt concluding letters to top football recruits, 'P.S. Wait until you see the girls in the bars.' "

Not bad for a childhood UT fan who went to Vandy Law. Traitor.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Thank you, Dante, for the update.

Everyone, your frined, Cousin Pat, has been sold to an obscure government agency that apparently requires 120 hour work weeks; subsisting off only granola bars, fast food and coffee; and going without sleep for days at a time. I am going to go to sleep right now. The radio should be back on tomorrow.

For what it is worth, if I was subjected to any sort of pressure drop right now, my head might explode.

charleyana said...

Ummm.....I didn't realize this blog was a group effort. Duh.