Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pickoff Week 2

Current standings are in last week's post. You know the drill.


S.A.W.B. said...

lines from opening via liveodds.


STL -1 v CAR


PHI -2.5 v GB


Louisville -38 v MTSU


Rutgers -14 v Navy

WVU -24.5 v Marshall

Alabama -3.5 v Vanderbilt

First National Bank of Temple -3 (?!?!?) v Second National Bank of Buffalo

Cal -15 v Colorado State

UGA -5.5 v South Cackalack

Troy +26.5 v Florida

Penn State -16 v NDU

BYU +8.5 v UCLA

Texas Tech -24 v UTEP

Hawaii -27.5 v LaTech

OKSU -22.5 v Florida Atlantic

Indiana (Pick'em) v Western Michigan

LSU -12.5 v VaTech

Dante said...

BetUS lines (over/unders aren't up yet on NCAA so I may put a few in later in the week)

Middle Tennessee +40 (Louisville backed off in the 4th quarter against their AA opponent last week. If they do the same here, they're not racking up 40.)
WVU -25
Wake Forest +9.5
Oklahoma -11
Colorado +15.5 (I don't trust Cal's ability to play 2 good games in a a row.)
Baylor -6.5 (Wow. I can in good conscience pick a game where Baylor is favored.)
TCU +9.5 (Because I'd really like it to happen, not becuase i think it will happen.)
LOCK OF THE WEEK: Auburn -7.5

Georgia Game:
Georgia 23 SCar 14 (official pick is Georgia -6.5):
South Carolina's defense puts up more a fight than Okie State but special teams and the kicking game will deliver us from defeat.

Colts -6.5 UNDER 53
Kansas City +3 (I swear that's the line on BetUS.)
Rams -1
Eagles -4
Vikings -3
Raiders -1.5 UNDER 40

Dante said...

Oooh, strike my Colorado pick. I was looking at the Colorado State vs. Cal game. I'm not touching that one.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

You know, back before I moved down to New Orleans, I was better at this.

All lines from Opening:

West Virginia - 24.5 @ Marshall

Michigan State -17.5 vs. Bowling Green

Nebraska - 7 @ Wake Forest

Duke + 16.5 v Virginia

Oklahoma -10.5 v the U

Vanderbilt +3.5 v Bama

Clemson - 24 on ULMonroe

California - 15 @ Colorado State

Boston College -13 v. NCST

I have to do it:
Oregon + 7 on Michigan at home
under 64.5

Washington + 3 v Boise State
over 58

Penn State - 16 v. Notre Dame

TCU +9.5 @ Texas
over 44

Virginia Tech +12.5 v LSU
over 38

As far as the Dawgs go, the spread is -5.5 at home against the OBC. I'm with Dante on this one, the score will be closer than we want it to be, but it will still beat a 5.5 spread. South Carolina 17, Georgia 24.

S.A.W.B. said...

Week Two totals

SAWB 9-12-1 (first push of the year goes to me...huraah...)
Dante 7-9 (Dante is now 0-2 on his 'locks')
paT 9-10 (which actuall improves his overall record

Overall totals

SAWB 21-22-1
Dante 14-14
paT 14-20

Feel free, those of you in bloggerland, to join in.