Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pickoff Week 3

I'll get week 2 scored here shortly, and update the totals. Required bonus pick for this week is determining if Michigan or Notre Dame starts the season 0-3. This is a 'Pick'em' pick, so, feel free to wager the line or O/U as well.


Dante said...

BetUS is the source:

Terps +17.5
Perdue -21
Auburn -14
Texas Tech -30
Vols +9
Notre Dame +7.5 (Too bad a 0-0 tie is no longer a possibility.)
LOCK OF THE WEEK: Ohio State -4
Arkansas +3
Ole Miss +5
Houston -15.5
SMU +3
Middle Tennessee +41

Bills +10 Under 38
Colts -8.5
Texans +7
Falcons +11 UNDER 34.5
Vikings +3
Redskins +7

S.A.W.B. said...

per Opening, via USA Today's Live Odds


JAX -11 v ATL

CIN -7 v CLE

IND -8 v TEN

NOR -3 v TB

KC +13 v CHI


WVU -16 v Maryland
WVU/Mary OVER 65.5

TCU -8 v AFA

Troy +10 v OKSU

UConn +29.5 v FNB Temple

PSU -34 v SNB Buffalo

Illinois -12.5 v Third National Bank of Syracuse

Iowa -16.5 v Iowa State
Iowa/Iowa State OVER 38.5

TTU -28 v Rice

UT +8 v UF

Notre Dame +9.5 v Michigan (NDU can't possibly be THAT bad, can they?)

FIU +33 v Miami

LA Tech +33.5 v Cal

Drinking the Kool-Aid - Arkansas +3.5 v Alabama (you're kidding me, right? Arkansas is a dog to a bad Alabama team?)

Vandy -4.5 v Ole Miss

UK +6.5 v Louisville

No Kool-Aid for me, thanks - BC +7.5 v GTU (Lemme know when Yech plays a real team...)

Nebraska +10 v USC

LSU -41.5 v MTSU

Hawaii -17.5 v UNLV

and, lastly, my bonus pick'em - Even given the 9.5 that NDU is getting from Michigan, I don't see Michigan winning this game in any scenario. NDU wins, in a brutally bad game. Oh, and I hope Jimmy Clausen breaks his spine.

Dante said...

Oh, and I guess to be clear I'm taking ND FTW. An 0-3 Weiss would be a lot more fun but Michigan is just too bad right now to pick as the winner.

charleyana said...

So is it going to be all about football in the foreseeable future?
You son of the south, you! ;)

More Georgia/Southern boy stuff!!!!!!

S.A.W.B. said...

This week's totals -

Dante - 12-9
SAWB - 14-15
paT - DNP (lazy)

Updated season totals -

Dante - 26-23
paT - 14-20
SAWB - 35-57-1

What did we learn this week?

Notre Dame IS that bad.
SAWB needs to stop picking NFL games altogether.
paT is a non-participating wuss.