Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Jackass of the Year contenders in one week?!?

Be still my fluttering heart. Today's contestant is one Star Simpson, 19, lately a MIT student. Ms. Simpson, in a brazen act of calculated intelligence, entered Boston's Logan Airport with a computer motherboard, with wires and putty attached, on her chest, over the top of her black sweatshirt. I'm sure the details will come down that this was some grand prank, or performance art, but fortunately for Ms. Simpson, the Darwinian Law did not prevail this morning.

Ms. Simpson, we here at Hurricane Radio salute you, for being the biggest moron to walk the earth this morning.

UPDATE: We called it, dear reader(s). Ms. Simpson now claims that the fake bomb was 'art' and that she was trying to 'stand out' on Career Day...

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dadvocate said...

I thought MIT students were supposed to be smart.