Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Battle...

Just a reminder to all the Americans out there who read this, if we lose this Battle for New Orleans, the next place it will be fought is in Birmingham, Houston and Atlanta. We've got plans within plans but the powers that be continue to stonewall for no apparent reason.

All the work that has currently been done will be all for naught without the reinforcements we so desperately need. But with an administration that somehow thought an additional 30K troops would pacify a Middle Eastern nation of teeming millions, and a state government that refuses to get out of its own way to save itself, we're out here with the creeping feeling that no cavalry is coming.

Does it say something that some of the most inspiring words about our nation are coming from someone who wasn't born here? In our short history as a nation, we have been the world's greatest monster-killer, our greatest acheivements have been cheered on by the world (despite what the right wing punditocracy would have you think) and our failures have been mourned by all.

Now, we face the prospect of having failed both abroad and at home, and not having the leaders in halls of power to correct either situation. When we look back at the first decade of the 21st Century, it will be another Tale of Two Cities; but will also be about how we entered a dark time or rose out of one?

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