Friday, October 26, 2007

no pickoff this week

i was too busy this week to post, much less total last week's insanity. Just pray for the Dawgs.f


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I've been praying since this weekend last year. I can pick off too. Games kick off in two minutes:

Texas Tech - 13

Pitt + 10.5 v Louisville

UNC + 6.5

Rutgers + 6.5

Wisconsin - 7.5

Illinois - 13.5

Michigan State - 3

Kentucky - 13.5

Mizzou - 28

Vandy - 13.5

Memphis wins

Oregon - 2.5

South Florida - 5

Texas - 21.5

Virginia - 3

Mississippi + 17.5

Oregon State - 13

Washington State + 6

Kansas - 2.5

South Carolina + 3

Ohio State - 3

California + 3

And I don't care about the line. If the Dawgs show up to play, they take the Gators in Jacksonville by a field goal. And I vow here and now that next year, I will be in Jacksonville for this thing.

All from Opening

oyster said...

I respect Cousin Pat's commitment to attend cocktail parties.

And I'll join everyone in praying that the Dawgs will show up this week and win.

oyster said...

How Bout Dem Dogs?

dadvocate said...

My two favorite teams: Tennessee and whoever plays Florida.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Glory. Victory. Everyone hates Florida and even the LSU fans were loving it at Carrolton Station on Saturday.

Though I have been informed, and have decided after little reflection that next year, I will be unavailable for New Orleans activities on Georgia-Florida weekend, as I will finally need to make the actual pilgrimage to Jacksonville.

S.A.W.B. said...

pat shoulda left this week alone...

Dante - DNP
paT - 10-12

Overall -

SAWB - 114-120-1
paT - 76-96
dante - 58-64