Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Standardized Tests

Sometimes, death metal is the only way to get through a week where I'm at. Country no longer cuts it, and reggae isn't making a dent. I will need to find the Deathklok album sometime this weekend, if I can make it a weekend without being sick, that is.

I would have enjoyed a delicious dinner Saturday night with Dangerblond and Sophmom had the illness not caught up to me. We had watched the Georgia-Vanderbilt game (and the LSU-Kentucky game) together at Carrolton Station. But when I made it to the restaurant, well, we'll just say that bailing out early was a very good idea. I made it back to Octavia Street just in time, and then passed out for 12 hours. Not only did I miss dinner with the ladies, but I missed a party with some friends, a concert by the Black Rose Band at Circle Bar, and the Drive By Truckers at Tip's.

This is my life now, and why I am absolutely counting down the days (currently 159) before my current misadventure is over. NEVER let it be said I don't go into things without an exit strategy.

It was awesome to hang with the ladies (even if Liprap decided not to come watch feetball, too). They had called me earlier in the day to watch the movie "Left Behind" about the New Orleans public schools, but seeing as I watched that movie last year and my current employment gives me something like a front row seat, I passed on that for the football. But they caught up to me at the bar before I had to beat my hasty retreat, and I had lunch with the Dangerous one on Sunday at Parkway Bakery (Sophmom was already on her way back to the home country).

'Tis good to hear about lives in the real world...if only for a minute.

But since I don't live in the real world, I will entertain a revenge fantasy: when I rule the world, the purveyors of standardized testing will be destroyed ruthlessly with extreme prejudice. Because standardized testing is destroying our society from within. It is the evil mothers warn their children about at night. Be warned. That is where I start when the revolution comes.


Ashley said...

Makes sense. Oh, and why the hell does the burrito stand that shall not be named play Abba now instead of death metal. Seriously. I heard Abba.

Leigh C. said...

It's tough when I have to celebrate a friend's new turlet bowl and have to pass up a night with some of my fave blogger pals. We need to get you out and about more, man. When your health is better. Or, when your 159 days have ended. Par-tay, man. can head to Ashley's b-day party on Saturday...

S.A.W.B. said...

I sent the paT a whole host of tasty metaliciouslness to play at said un-named burrito stand. They made it through a whole three songs before they meekly came up to the paT and asked him politely if they could put the crappy music back on.

Apparrently, Cartman was right, in that hippies really can't stand death metal. It harshes their buzz...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Sometimes, the people who work at the burrito stand play ABBA. I have no idea why. I worked there for eight months and never got an explanation as to why this would come on the stereo. I was at Mid-City last night, though, and the heavy stuff was on, so there's that.

I must procure some Deathklok this weekend, though. I must.

I'm going to try and be out this weekend, but I think I'm booked for some music up in Mississippi. We'll see, but Georgia has a bye week so most of the schedule is open.

The current count is 158.

Leigh C. said...

There never used to be hippies working at the burrito stand. It was, in the beginning, hardcore gutter punks. Sadly, the "Gutter Punk" burrito on their menu is the only remnant of that distant time...

Dante said...

Abba's actually in my car CD player right now but I listen to all kinds of music. I'm pretty sure Taj Majal, The Misfits, Kenny Rogers, The Checkers (a recentish punk band), and Tha Cars are the other CDs in there right now. I've got Weezer, The Dead Milkmen, and the almighty Flash Gordon and Highlander soundtracks in the mix though.

"Because standardized testing is destroying our society from within."

Bah humbug. Standardized tests are fun. Half the questions on a standardized test answer themselves. My favorite thing to do was reading comprehension. I'd try to guess the answer by looking at what the question asks instead of reading the paragraph. Then I'd gp back and see if I was right.

I also like the multiple choice math where they give this needlessly complicated problem where you can pick the correct answer two steps in because you can eliminate the other answers by then. All your classmates furiously working away while you breeze through it in a few minutes. They think you're a genius when really they just don't understand the test for what it is: a game.

sophmom said...

I had some difficulty disuading the dangerous one from Drive By Truckers at Tip's. After dinner, I picked my Michael up at work and delivered him there to meet his friends. When I got back to Casa Dangerblond, she required that, in lieu of yet another trip Uptown, we listen to the aforementioned truckers via her Project Playlist (which, I've now finally figured out is WAY cool).

I'm sooooo sorry you felt sick. You missed a most fabulous meal.

I have a regular commenter, The Fool, who teaches HS in Alaska. He had some really interesting comments to make on my blog re: the sorry state of teaching in America (not just NO). I thought a lot about our conversations on and around the subject of your current service and I hope, if nothing else, you can manage to salvage some material about which you can write, from the experience.

Peace, darlin'. Hang in there. It was great seein' you.