Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week 8 Pickoff

I know all of our regular reader(s) are waiting with baited breath for this week's post...

Final totals for week 7 -

SAWB 18-18
paT 13-12
Dante 1-6

Overall updated -

SAWB - 104-99-1 - 0.517
paT - 55-71 - 0.437
Dante - 51-61 - 0.455

What'd we learn this week? We learned that there's a reason why the numbers 1 and 2 hold the connotation they do in the common vernacular, because when your team plays like that, they tend to lose.

Pillowfight Pickem's -

Arkansas v Mississippi in what may well be the latest version of Survivor: SEC
Texas A&M v Nebraska - Survivor: Big 12 anyone?
and, because it amuses me so - Miami v Florida State

Notre Dame to cover the 20 against USC, yea or nay?

get em in.


S.A.W.B. said...

Lines via USAToday's Live Odds. Lines from Opening.

WAS -6
ATL +9
BAL -3
NWE -15
TB +2
KC +3
IND -3

Louisville -3 v UConn
Louisville/UConn OVER 62.5

Indiana +8 v PSU (Indiana is zombie-free. JoePa won't have anything to feed off of...)

Temple +6 v Miami OH

Cincy -10 v Pitt

Vandy +13.5 v the Spoorays

Bama PK v Tennessee Remedial Correctional Institute

OLE! Miss +5.5 (Ole! Miss ftw)

Nebraska -2 (Nebraska FTW)

Rice -2 v Memphis

TTU +3.5 v Mizzou
TTU/Mizzou OVER 72.5

Miami +6 v Free Shoes (Free Shoes FTW)

UK +7 v Floridy

Mississippi State +23 v WVU

Troy -18 v N Texas

NDU +20 v USC
NDU Covers

Buffalo +4.5 v Cuse

LSU -10.5 v Allbarn

Dante said...

BetUS lines

Army +23.5
Cal -1.5
Notre Dame +17
Gators -7.5
Houston -13
Auburn +10

Falcons +8
Caradinals +8
Vikings +10
Colts -4

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, I wasn't completely correct last week in the idea that the college football storm that is this season would favor ALL the overdogs, especially those ranked #1 & #2, but the storm is abating, and I had my first winning week. So I'm going to stick with it (kinda). All choices from Opening:

If Georgia Tech beats a spread by 25.5, I'll be surprised. Pick: Army +25.5

Penn State - 8 v Indiana

Cincinnati - 10 v Pitt

Oh, look, a game that's score continues to keep Tommy Bowden a job: Clemson - 17 v Central Michigan

Iowa will keep it close (+7) v Perdue (Under 44.5)

South Carolina - 13.5 on Vandy

Tennessee v Alabama is a 0 point spread? Neato. I'll take the home team: Bama Rolls

Wake Forest - 3 v Navy

Mississippi at home + 5.5 to put the nail in Houston nut's coffin just in time for Halloween.

Bowl of the Fired Coaches? Team with the umm, slightly better defense wins: TAMU + 2 v Nebraska

Mizzou - 3.5 v TTU

You know how little this game matters? I live in New Orleans, and won't see it on TV. This is the ultimate "Wait till Next Year game." Florida State - 6 v Miami

I don't think Florida and Kentucky will be decided by more than 7 points. Kentucky, at home +7.

California - 2 v UCLA

Notre Dame at home, + 20 (I can't beleive I'm saying this) v USC.

Ohio State will not beat Michigan State by 17. The score will be over 51.5

Colorado at home + 4.5 v Kansas. There is an oxygen in the air differential.

The true coin flip game of the week? Oklahoma State - 3.5 v KSU

Oregon will defeat Washington by more than 11 points.

The Illini take Michigan at home. Zookies + 3, Under 49

LSU is coming off a brutal fight that they lost in Lexington. Auburn is playing a top five team. The game is in Death Valley. This game looks like I should say "poor, poor Auburn", but then I remember how the SEC works. Auburn +10.5 in a war for the West.

S.A.W.B. said...

weekly totals -

SAWB - 10-21
paT - 11-13
Dante - 7-3 (nice job Dante)

Overall -

SAWB - 114-120-1
paT - 66-84
dante - 58-64