Friday, November 02, 2007

Week 10 Pickoff

The Dawgs won, so, back into action we go. Week 8 was rough for everybody not named Dante. Let's see if one of us can at least manage to finish even money...

Overall -

SAWB - 114-120-1 0.487
paT - 66-84 0.440
dante - 58-64 0.475

Pillowfight Pickem's -

Iowa v Northwestern
Louisiana Tech v Idaho
And lastly, with a 47 year winning streak on the line, Navy v Notre Dame.


Dante said...

La Tech

Texas Tech -21
Texas -2.5
TCU -3.5
Gamecocks +5.5
Houston -19

Redskins -4.5
Colts +6.5 (If someone is going to spot the Colts 6.5, I have to take it. I have a feeling I'm going to lose this one though.)
Cowboys -4.5
Ravens +9

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

All odds from Opening:

I fear picking Clemson, because they have let me down often. But Duke is Duke. Tigers - 16

Wisconsin has been up and down all season, and Ohio State hasn't played anyone of note. Is Wisconsin someone of note? They've played the same folks tOSU has, so this is a complete dart.
Badgers + 15.5

Purdue has not been the same since Brees left all them years ago. Nittany Lions - 7

The spread on Wake Forest, Virginia is so small, I wonder why they have a spread at all: Deacons - 1.5

Pillowfight Pickem? How about Pitt over Cuse -12

NCST vs Miami? This should be easy, but it ain't. Canes - 13

Northwestern a favorie against Iowa? Maybe I'm stuck in the past, but I'll go with the Hawkeyes + 1

Nebraska continues the Great Callahan Farewell Tour: Jayhawks -17

Usually, I would say "Poor, poor Vandy." But Florida looked so banged up after last week I don't think they will get the blowout imagined. Commodores + 16.5

Kansas State should beat the crap out of Iowa State. Cats - 14

Long ago (like, last year), my pops would rub it in my face how well Charlie Weis was doing at Notre Dame. This is Navy's best chance to end the streak. Middies and the triple option + 3.5

I hesitate on picking South Florida. Then again, I also hesitate on picking Cincinnati. Another dart. Bulls - 4.5 at home.

Michigan vs That's Why You're Michigan State. Wolverines - 4.5

What happened to Texas last week? We'll see if it was a fluke to let Nebraska hang around, or if Texas is really dealing with a down, down year. Cowboys + 3 at home.

West Coast dart: UCLA - 2.5 v Arizona.

I'll drink some baby blue kool aid: UNC - 2.5 in Chapel Hill

Game of the Week: Big Purple Chainsaw vs the Fighting Sabans. This game may not end until blood is shed. I'd pick LSU big if this was in Death Valley, but it is at the Capstone, and they ain't letting anyone in the stadium without torches and pitchforks tonight. Crimson Tide will keep this one closer than + 7.5

West Coast pillowfight dart! Washington - 3 on Sanford

This is Division 1 Football!!1!1!
Colorado - 4.5

Big Game of Much National Importance that No One Saw Coming: Oregon - 7, probably a push.

Rutgers will not lose to UConn this week. Knights + 2.5

Juggernaught vs Cupcake in Reverse Game: Boston College - 6.5 in Chestnut Hill

Evil Genius vs Sack Full o' Weasels = Carolina + 4.5

Oklahoma shells TAMU -20.5

West Coast Pillowfight # 3: OregonState vs SouthernCal? Dart - Trojans - 15

West Coast Pillowfight # 4: Wazzou vs Cal? Dart California finally looks like California -14.5

Dawgs are at home vs Troy. First time two schools I've worked for have met on the field. The Spread is Georgia - 15. If the Georgia team that showed up in Jacksonville last week shows up in Athens today, you could put the spread at -30. But this is the Dawgs we're talking about, and Dawgs hate the Spread. Troy 20, Dawgs 35 in a called push.

S.A.W.B. said...

getting my late college picks in now. NFL to follow.

BC -6.5 v Free Shoes
SC +4.5 v Arky
TAMU +20.5 v Okie
Oregon St. +15 v USC
SMU +19 v Houston
SMU/Houston OVER 68.5

S.A.W.B. said...

last week -

Dante - 7-6
paT - 12-15
SAWB - 2-5

Overall -

SAWB - 116-125-1
paT - 78-99
Dante - 65-70