Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 12 Pickoff

I'll get the totals and whatnot from last week up in a while, but i wanted to get this out before the Oregon/Arizona tilt.

Pillowfight Pickems -

Notre Dame v Duke (Seriously, take that in for a moment and giggle.)
Bowling Green v Buffalo
Tulane v Rice


S.A.W.B. said...

Thursday night grabs -

Arkansas State -14 v North Texas
ArkyState/NTU OVER 71 (North Texas is running a spread defense to go along with their spread offense.)

Oregon -12.5 v Arizona

Dante said...

Arizona +12.5
Kentucky UGA OVER 61
Vandy +12
Mississippi State +11
Duke +6 (FTW)
SMU +14.5

Here's a lifetime first: Browns -3.5
Saints FTW (BetUS has them as even money)
Redskins +11.5
Jets 10.5
Rams -3.5
Pats -17.5

We 42 They 35 - Offense keeps rolling but the D takes a week off.

Dante said...

That's a + on the Jets. There's no way I spot them points.

S.A.W.B. said...

FTW - Duke (hee hee hee), Buffalo, Tulane

UConn -18 v 'Cuse
Maryland +7.5 v Free Shoes
Carolina +10 v GTU
Meeeeeechigan +4 v tOSU
Temple +2.5 v Kent State
Florida -34 v FAU
Florida/FAU UNDER 68
Vandy +11.5 v UT
Mississippi State +10 v Arkansas
Duke +5 v NDU
Duke/NDU OVER 47.5
Tulane +2 v Rice
VTU -17 v Miami, FL
LSU -18 v Ole! Miss

Georgia continues the 40+ point scoring streak, We 42, they 28, with they getting a couple of garbage touchdowns against our nth string defense.
Georgia -8 v Kentucky

Dante said...

I do officially take the UGA -8.

FTW: Bowling Green, Rice

S.A.W.B. said...

pre week 12 action

SAWB 140-145-1
paT 78-99
Dante 65-70

on the week

SAWB 9-13
Dante 8-8


SAWB 149-158-1
paT 78-99
Dante 73-78