Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 13 Pickoff

Creeping along towards mediocrity here. paT is a spoilsport.

Last Week

SAWB 9-13
Dante 8-8


SAWB 149-158-1
paT 78-99
Dante 73-78

Pillowfight Pickems:

Old-School throwback of the week: Vandy v Wake
New-School mockery of the week: Stanford v Notre Dame
It's funny because nobody will be watching: Alabama v Auburn
Because I couldn't pass it up: Florida Atlantic v Florida International


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

More like "numerically eliminated from contention." Speaking of, and with apologies to Ohio State -now having won their second consecutive Big 10(11) Championship, here is something about last year's MNC game that almost all SEC fans can respect.

S.A.W.B. said...

Thursday and friday game for me, courtesy of USA Today's live odds, lines from opening:

IND -11.5
GB -3.5
NYG +13.5

Southern Cal 3.5
Colorado -5.5 v Nebraska
Bizarro Bulldogs -6.5 v Ole! Miss
Wyoming +3 v CSU
LSU -12.5 v Arky
Texas -6 v A&M
Hawaii -4 v Boise State
Hawaii/BSU OVER 75

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

All picks from Opening

Usually, I would pick the Trojans to cover the Sun Devils' pitchforks, but not in Tempe and not this year. ASU +3.5

Nebraska at Colorado? Last time I watched this game, Nebraska had forgotten how to stop the run. Last time I saw Nebraska, they still hadn't learned. Buffs - 5.5

I know all bets are off for rivalry games, but State has a real team this year and Ole Miss does not have the power of the Grove to inspire them. - Miss. State - 6.5 in Starkganistan

In the very, very cold game category, I'll pick Colorado State to cover the 3 against Wyoming.

LSU has been waiting for the game this year where they can blow an opponent away before 6 seconds are left on the clock. This is that game. Bayou Bengals - 12.5 in
Death Valley.

The Aggies save everything for this game, and even though they are not a very good team, neither is Texas this year. TAMU + 6 in College Station.

Please, please, please Boise State + 4

Miami practices in a warm, sunny place where women beleive clothing requirements are only suggestions. Boston practices in a dreary, cold and miserable place where people people use alcohol as antifreeze. Eagles - 14.5

Speaking of a pillowfight pickem, uhh, Maryland - 1.5?

South Florida at Pitt? Please see my Miami at Boston comments. Panthers + 11

Virginia is used to winning this year, and they hate thier rivals, and the game is not in Blacksburg. Hoos + 3

Wow. I really don't know who I want to win this game. After watching both teams last week, I don't know which one will win. Tennessee +2.5

Wake Forest is mighty, but Vandy plays in the SEC. Commies + 2.

Southern Miss - 14

Tulsa - 11

UNC is horrible, but Duke is Duke. Tar Heels - 13.5

We must ignite this couch. WFVU - 17

Oklahoma State will pull off the HUGE UPSET in NORMAN: OKST + 12.5

Stanford gets to tear down their goalposts twice. Trees -3.5

UCLA is manic, but always good for a late season upset. La-la's + 2.5

Kansas State vs Fresno with a 0 point spread? Who knows!!11!1 I'll go with the Bulldogs and an over 66 score.

Northern Illinois +9

Tulane is Mighty. Wave +12

Auburn wants to start using their other hand really, really bad, and Bama is reeling instead of rolling. I want the tide to at least cover, and I know they are capable of it, but the WarEagleTigerPlainsmen - 6 the Fighting Sabans

Mizzou vs Kansah in the Who Would Have Thought This Game Would Be So Important? (A: The guy who booked Arrowhead for it.) Mizzou pulls it out + 2.

Nevada - 3

UAB + 14 on Marshall

Florida Smash State. It get bad. Tebows - 13.5

FAU - 11.5 in the one rivalry in the state of Florida that does not require the burning of tires.

Clemson - 3

Do you think Washington will have a better record than Notre Dame at the end of the season. Huskies - 5.5

Fleas vs Bees? Clean, Old Fashioned Hate is the Worst Name For a Rivalry Ever. Ever. Since one of the teams attends the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, I blame Tech for the silly name of this game. I still can't wait to get a golden fiddle trophy for this rivalry, just so we can play Charlie Daniels in Bobby Dodd and have something more interesting to talk about than the 'Governor's Cup'. Dawgs 37, Tech 17

S.A.W.B. said...

my giants pick should have been a Jets pick. Mea Culpa.

S.A.W.B. said...

dawgs cover the 3+, and the OVER. Turducken awaits.