Monday, December 03, 2007

Truth Served Cold

I meant to post a link to this article by Jason Whitlock when it first came out, but it slipped away in the middle of a long weekend. Though the article got the nod from many major news and sports outlets, it did get buried rather quickly. Luckily, DADvocate posts this reminder and asks the same important questions that I think we all need to be asking.

It reminded me of where I live, and this telling post on the MD Filter back in September. And, unless anyone has forgotten, that was in September, then there was October and even more telling numbers.

Happily for the nation's national consciousness, no Presidential Debates will be hosted in New Orleans, so all those pressing and unpleasant issues (among other notables, please see also: infrastructure) will remain answered with only silence from those who are hoping to lead this nation.

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