Monday, January 21, 2008

Kind of Torn on this One

FishbowlDC has a piece that ended up on Drudge Report about MSNBC hosts laughing at GOP speeches. MSNBC does come off as a liberally-slanted network more often that not and I can see how this doesn't help that image. On the other hand, have you heard the speeches in question? They're pretty pathetic. I think what it comes down to is that MSNBC is what it is. Olberman and Matthews make up a large chunk of their ratings success and if this is what they're doing to get viewers, it's obviously working. Good for them. Is it a lack of class on MSNBC's part? Maybe, but I have to refer to my standard rule on class: "Class" is a word losers throw out there to get other people to agree to concessions they wouldn't otherwise make. MSNBC finally has a show that actually appears on ratings sheets. They'll let Olbermann do whatever he wants. And they should.

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