Monday, January 21, 2008

Professional Video Gaming? (A Soapbox Moment)

Note from Dante: I was going to put up a piece about how pro football is done for the season since the Super Bowl is historically one of the worst games of the year. (It's generally a blowout that's decided in the first few minutes. There are exceptions.) But then I ran across this and couldn't pass it up.

ESPN apparently now has a spot on its website for Major League Gaming. I do not think that word means what ESPN thinks it means. I was thinking ESPN now had a spot for Yahtzee and pro Bingo and non-poker card games and all sorts of wonderful stuff. Then I realized that it was limited to video games. That's OK though. I'd love to see a Pac-Man tounrey or maybe even some fighting games or something like that. But then after reading a few articles on ESPN's site, I realized it was further limited to video games of the first person shooter variety. This is stupid. Let's take a video game genre that's done to death already and make a professional sport out of it? Have you ever actually watched someone play a first person shooter? It's almost as fun as staring at a blank wall. At least you know what's going on when looking at the blank wall. I see this being almost as popular as roller derby or world league football. Wait a minute... no I don't.

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