Friday, January 18, 2008

State of Affairs

Just mentally prepare yourself for more bad news.

I haven't read about this in the NOLAsphere, so I don't know if anyone has already touched on it. Just to prepare you mind, the references will be, in no particular order: New Orleans, racism, public policy, popular culture, tailgating, housing projects, college football, the national championship game, alcohol, Louisiana State Univeristy and national reaction. Let your head wrap around that for a minute before watching the video. Some of you may not need to watch it at all, or have a stiff drink ready when you do. Especially if you read the EDSBS comment threads.

I came across it on Every Day Should Be Saturday, one of the greatest blogs on the interwebs (who in turn hat-tips Sports By Brooks and the overall video comes from this YouTube Account). I reckon this is where race relations end up on Martin Luther King Jr's weekend all these years later.

I don't really know what to think of it all myself. My opinions towards the local housing issues are complex, and the opinions I have heard about it from folks I know in and around New Orleans are equally complex. But talk like this is not going to help a damn thing when it hits the airwaves. Any salient points that might be made in this video are buried underneath the way it was said. And the way it was said will only feed the distrust and animosity that got us to this point in the first place. Make no mistake, this is why when certain policy issues are brought up, people can play the race card at all.

So for any steps forward, this kind of thing keeps taking us back. Go and look and tell me I'm lying.

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Leigh C. said...

Yep, they put this up on Deadspin, which I found out about from da Cajun Boy. He's got some good responses to it, too: