Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sugar Blogging

Stayed up waay past my bedtime on Tuesday night. Me, Sprout, the Pops and my Cousin's husband WC made it over to the dome to catch the game. I haven't seen the Dawgs play live and in person since...since...when, 2005? (Good Lord, SAWB, was it Boise State???) So being able to see the Dawgs play in the Crescent City was a special treat for me.

And this was a well played game for the Dawgs. As everyone absolutely knows, UGA dominated undefeated* Hawai'i in every aspect of the game. Having spent a lot of time biting my nails over the years, I find the blowouts of ranked teams espcially relishing.

Got some nice pics of the family in attendance, and the fans we ran into (all weekend really) were the fans you want to run into when you go to sporting events. The Hawai'i fans were outstanding sports before, during and after the game. In the days before, they were all over the French Quarter and obviously enjoying their first trip to a major mainland bowl. All the NOLAn's I speak to on a regular basis were highly impressed by Warrior fans, as was I. Class acts all of them.

The Dawg fans were what you would expect from a Southern fanbase of 50,000 + rolling into the "Big Easy" to go drinking on Bourbon Street. Lot of really nice folks enjoying the town and friends who live here, and a few really loud obnoxious ones who every local ends up with a story about. Luckily, I only ran into the former, and I saw more than a few making the rounds to the WWII museum on the 31st (it actually looked like an Alumni function at first, but no, that's just what we do). The Georgians I saw or heard about elsewhere in the city were very busy dropping some serious cash in the Crescent City's dining destinations.

We sat in a mixed section of the Dome, with Warrior fans and Dawg fans all mingling. We spoke to some Warrior fans about the food and the culture and found out that the Islanders were really enjoying their trip to this part of the world. New Orleans made a lot of new fans - too bad they live on the other side of the planet. Hopefully they will have some reason to visit again soon. We cheered with some Georgia fans who were young and rambunctious but good in spirit and sportsmanship.

Other things I noticed: UGA President Adams was quietly booed when introduced to the crowd. Hawai'i's fans were quietly clapping and looking at the Georgia fans with utter and total bewilderment at this reaction amongst the Dawgs. After all, they had gone bonkers when their University President, decked out in full fan-gear, was introduced. I had some explaining to do, but it was at that moment that the Warrior fans in my immediate area began to realize how crazy Southern football fans really are. Following that lead, Mayor C. Ray Nagin was quite loudly denounced, heckled, booed and complained about by what sounded like everyone in attendance.

Also, this was the first time I had ever seen an instrumental National Anthem at any major sporting event. One of the reasons I love this town is that, when it comes to big stuff like that, on a national stage, they send out the BRASS. I can't wait to see what they do for the MNC game next week.

Later, I'll publish some of the outstanding text messages I recieved during the game, as my current inbox is brimming with about 30+, and you would have loved hearing the calls from people back in Georgia who were just then realizing that, yes, should Georgia play in the Sugar Bowl, I will be in the room - like they had just realized that the Sugar Bowl was in New Orleans and since I live in New Orleans I might find a way to show up.

What a great, great night. More to come. Woof.

* undefeated in the 2007 regular season, that is...


Leigh C. said...

Glad you had a good time, coozan! Be well, and Happy New Year.

S.A.W.B. said...

Next time, Gadget, NEXT TIME...i'll be there with you, that is.

As far as your last live UGA game, yeah, I think it was BSU. I was out of town for the SC game, LaMonroe doesn't count, I took Pops to Arky, the spousal unit to Auburn, and sat alone in the cold at Kentucky, because I couldn't even give that freaking ticket away...

My texts to you fill me with both pride and away.

sophmom said...

Happy New Year, darlin'. I had no doubt you'd be in da house. Middle Son was there also. As he walked out of work that afternoon his boss said, "Where are you going?" He answered, "Down to the dome to try and score a ticket." His boss replied, "C'mon wit me." Row 15. Yeah. He echoed your view of the UH fans being super nice (and big tippers to boot).

I was wandering around the FQ on the afternoon of the 31st. It was a very quick in and out of town. Hung around mostly with republicans. They dine well. ;) Heh heh.


the lady said...

I agree with SAWB that cousin's last UGA game would have been the Boise St. game. and now, i'm a "spousal unit". beware SAWB, you only have those tickets because of your lovely wife--you might want to watch what you call me!!!
as for texts from me. i figured SAWB was saying plenty so i left your phone alone, cousin pat.
glad you had fun. next time, make my "spousal unit" go with you when i encourage him to go!!!