Tuesday, January 08, 2008

That's Unpossible!

For those of you not fond of the football news, it'll be slowing down soon. The BCS Championship is over and all that's left is a pretty meh NFL playoff race, but I have to post this. Look at the final AP Poll. There's a certain team from the state of Georgia ranked 2. I never imagined that UGA would finish the AP ahead of USC. UGA even got more #1 votes. Of course on the coaches side, all #1 votes went to LSU as they are obligated to do by BCS rules. USC is 2nd there and Georgia 3rd. Given the number of returning students from USC, UGA, and Ohio State, I can't see UGA ranked below #2 preseason next year (and maybe even #1). They have a brutal schedule but for the first time in many many years, Georgia completely owns its national title destiny in 2008. Way to go, Georgia. Georgia is the largest pool of talent (based on players drafted by the NFL) to not win a National Championship in the BCS era. Hopefully, that will change in either 2008 or 2009.

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