Monday, January 14, 2008

Victory and Defeat

Victory (CS Lewis style) - There's no snow-covered forest and no witches or horsey-men or anything like that but I do now have a lamp post back on my property without paying any install fees to the electric company. Read story here. I'm glad to have that bit of unpleasantness behind me.

Victory (Monty Hall style) - I also managed to find a Wii in the middle of the Wii shortage. A lot of people write off eBay as a locale for scam artists and people selling the unit at exorbitant prices but I looked around and found some very reasonable prices (about 20% or so below retail) on a Wii if you're willing to buy used and willing to buy it with whatever games and accessories the previous owner accumulated before selling. I desperately need to brush up on my Wii boxing and bowling skills because my wife is brutally good at both of them (she even got a Fourth Strike bowling the other day).

Defeat (Moe Howard style) - My wife woke me up Sunday morning because she smelled something burning. I assumed it was the death trap we call space heaters and immediately unplugged ours and took a look. That wasn't it. Turns out our 20 month old son got the iron off the ironing board, plugged it in, turned it on and placed it face down on our carpet. There's a triangle shaped burn mark I don't think we'll ever get out of the carpet. At least our carpet is that new-fangled mostly-plastic stuff so it just smoldered a bit instead of catching on fire. It's also good that the boy fully understood which end of the iron was the business end and didn't touch it. It still annoys me that there's a spot on the floor that feels like a plastic soda bottle. It'll annoy me further when I have to go at lunch today and buy a new iron (and possibly a nice area rug).

How are your personal victories and defeats coming along?


S.A.W.B. said...

Full up on crushing defeat 'round these parts lately.

Defeat, scorched earth style - The kid has picked up what appears to be Hand/Foot/Mouth disease (go look it up). He was a vomit machine today, and hasn't slept well in about 4 nights. Consequently, gentle reader, neither have I. He also seems to have shared this with his mother.

Defeat, meddling-kids scooby-doo style - Still waiting, 6 months after, to hear something from a certain company of which I have applied for prospective gainful employ, in a field I'd rather like to be gainfully employed in. The jobs are still up, and I talked at length with their HR director back in October. So far, crickets...

Defeat, rug-out-from-under style - A new project which I have become attached to may be crumbling before I can get off the ground with it...don't want to give out any good details, since it may yet pull through...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Victory (7 iron chip in from the short rough at 45 feet style): Got to play real music for the first time in what seemed like years the weekend before last. At the Fountinbleu Hotel in Mid-City, after meeting a keyboard player at a housewarming party.

Defeat (Titanic steerage passenger style): made it to the short numbers - only 99 days left in my current place of employment - but now the struggle is more difficult with less options available to me. It feels like I'm drowning and going numb all at the same time, and it doesn't look like the boats will be coming to get us out of the Atlantic any time soon.