Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Dante Echo Effect

Looks like I'm not alone. I've got some serious buyer's remorse from voting for Romney last night over Ron Paul in the state of Georgia. I really like Ron Paul and I'm not afraid of anything we disagree on ever getting past the legislature. I don't like Romney but he's a lot better than a Republican candidate who passes bills restricting freedom of speech and opposes tax cuts in his spare time. And given how chummy McCain and Huckabee have been lately, I have no doubt that when it comes down to it Huckabee's delegates are McCain's delegates. And that's too bad because Huckabee kind of looks like Nixon (with more hair) so he at least has something going for him.

There are a lot of really real conservatives who are dissatisfied with McCain. And it looks like a growing contingent are even willing to vote Hillary over McCain. Sadly, I happen to be one of them. If they're not being hyperbolic, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh may also be in our ranks. The New York post piece refers to us a suicide voters but I think that's far from the truth. If the Republicans aren't going to have a real conservative in the White House then they're better off being the minority opposition. And with Hillary's drive to follow polls above all else and her newest Hillarycare proposals looking suspiciously like Romneycare in Massachusetts, I'm just not afraid of her as President. I'd rather have that than a Republican president who pushes the Republican Congress into a left wing agenda they wouldn't otherwise go for just so they can support their party's President. Here's how I see my own personal voting scenarios (Updated):

Romney vs. Hillary: Romney
Romney vs. Obama: Romney
Huckabee vs. Hillary: Hillary
Huckabee vs. Obama: Huckabee

McCain vs. Hillary: Hillary
McCain vs. Obama: None of the Above*

Too bad Gingrich sat out of this one. As long as Newt sticks to his ideals, there's no way I'd ever vote for anyone else. Unfortunately, his marital troubles would hurt him badly. (And I'm not even talking about the affair during the Clinton impeachment since Newt never lied under oath about an affair. I'm talking about the serving his wife divorce papers in the middle of her getting treated for cancer. Nothing illegal there but it sure won't help public perception.)

* An idea Pat and Jerz thought they had pioneered until I pointed out it was a major plot point in the Richard Pryor version of Brewster's Millions.


S.A.W.B. said...

I was perfectly happy casting my lot for Mike Huckabee yesterday, on the strength of his support for the Fair Tax. I hold no delusions that Huckabee will get the presidential nod, however.

I do, however, forsee a McCain/Huckabee ticket in the immediate future, since Romney brings nothing at all to a McCain ticket, while Huckabee, on the strength of yesterday's results, shows he can rally the south, and keep Arkansas from being a Hillary Clinton lock.

As for the left side of the aisle, I don't currently see any scenarios where a Clinton/Obama ticket makes an appearance in this, or any other realities.

I do, however, have what is known in the trade as a WAG or, wild-assed guess, as to a potential end-run scenario by the Clinton camp should Hillary look to seal the nomination: a Clinton/Clinton ticket.

I looked it up tonight, and there is exactly nothing in the language of the 22nd Amendment prohibiting Bill Clinton from running as a Vice Presidential candidate with his 'wife'.

I realize the wild-assedness of this thought, but it wouldn't be the worst idea that the Democrats have had lately...

Dante said...

Well, looks like Romney is out and Huckabee is too far behind. So Bob Dole... oops I mean... John McCain is the Republican nominee.

Sawb, you have to know that without repealing the 16th Ammendment, you'll get yourself a Fair Tax and an income tax in just a few short years after passing the Fair Tax. Taxes are like comic book characters. They might play dead for a while but writers will run out of ideas and ressurect them as soon as convenient. I'll never support another national tax until that ammendment is repealed.