Thursday, February 21, 2008

Island City Calling

I love reading other people's blogs about the homeland. In this case, specific restaurants of the homeland. I get to thinking about the next time I will be back on Island City - just after Easter for Spring Break and then again in just 76 short school days...I can almost taste those tequila shots now.

I will need more than my share of the latter, I promise.

But wait! As a bonus to the read, Ms. Christy also links over here (many thanks) and goes ahead and points out several other Island City blogs, including Coastal Companion's page and one I hadn't seen before - Island Profilin, whose photography really makes me homesick.

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christy said...

Thanks for the link love. SSI is the best. Although, I admit it has changed SO much in the last several decades. I used to work at the Redfern Cafe, which is located where Bubba's is now. Sometimes I miss the quaint old island. SSI will always be where I call home. It will always be where I "hang my hat" or my flip flops rather! nice blog.