Friday, February 29, 2008

Time Article: "Geldof and Bush: Diary From the Road"

You may remember Bob Geldof as the guy who shaved his hair and nipples off in the Pink Floyd movie The Wall. Or you may remember him from Live Aid but that's not as fun. Even less fun than that is remembering him from his humanitarian work in Africa (though only his work that puts him collaborating with Bono seems to get any press). Geldof has been quite impressed with Bush's humanitarian work in Africa and has been quite displeased that nobody in the press has bothered to write much about it. So Geldof is apparently taking matters into his own hands and doing a few pieces on Bush's work in Africa for Time Magazine. I thought this article was pretty exceptional. Geldof is no friend of conservatives (or even Republicans... ZING!), but this article seems to be pretty fairly laid out and Geldof seems to have done his homework on both Bush and the United States' history of "humanitarian" work in other places (like Vietnam shortly before our conflict there). He doesn't particularly pull any punches but doesn't throw any unnecessary or unfair punches either. It's worth a read.

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