Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1,000th Post: A Look at the Future

We could've spent our 1,000th post talking about the pregnant man in Oregon, Olympic boycotts, or even Hillary's GI Joe fantasies where she and her daughter are being shot at by sniper gorillas who can talk, have lasers for eyes, and drink human blood while they're on a trip to Bosnia to stop Cobra Commander and his Howling Commandos. Instead, we're going to do something a little more upbeat.

For our 1,000th post here are Hurricane Radio, I thought I'd share with you a look at the future. The article has been sitting around for a while and we're just now getting to it. Yes, the linked article will show us the wonders of life in the year...
Okay, maybe it's been sitting around a LONG while. It's only 40 years old. 250MPH cars, TV screens as big as your wall,... it's all there. Even the looney ideas like shopping using a computer, using a computer for your taxes, and cash being displaced by credit cars and newfangled cards that take money directly out of your bank account are in there.

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