Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crazy Talkin' Preachers

Are there seriously any other kind?

I was talking to my own father and reading this post by DADvocate, and the conversation centered around the same thing.

Apparently, to the shock of many people, Barack Obama attended a church that had a preacher who could say some pretty crazy stuff.

Sorry if I'm not nearly as worked up by the "crazy talking preacher 'issue'" as some folks apparently expect me to be. I tend to chalk the "crazy talking preacher 'issue'" in the same part of the flowchart as the "water = wet" stuff.

I'm surprised by how much common ground can be found between conservatives like SAWB, DADvocate, my own pops and liberals like myself. But this is one area where the path diverges rather pointedly.

To this end, I will copy and paste my reply here, for your perusal and commentary:

"Southern women like their men religious and a little crazy, that's why they fall in love with preachers."

90% of the people I know that go to a Church anywhere will at some point be subjected to messages they do not agree with. I don't know a single Protestant who goes to Church without a Preacher who sounds crazier than a sack of rabid weasels about something.

And I'm Catholic and we have a whole dogma of brickabrack that they find just as ludicrous.

Some of them leave the church and look around for a new one. Sometimes it takes them a while. Others stay in their church for long periods of time because they are involved with the social and fellowship aspects of the church more than they are a part of the sermon every Sunday.

That's what caused the Reformation, Protestantism, and then the disentigration of Protestant churches into more protestant churches. Our entire religious makeup as a nation has to do with crazy preachers and the people that are either driven to another church or stick around regardless.

It was these kinds of disagreements that drove me away from my Church long ago, and getting back has not been easy. But Church is a part of my culture, my family, my community, and my very being - so I can't get away from it so easy, and I'm much less invested than most.

I just think this whole thing is really the most ridiculous denunciation of a candidate I have ever seen. Maybe it is because, down in Georgia where I came from, I knew a lot of folks who would judge others very harshly based on what Church they belonged to and what preacher they listened to on Sunday. I used to do that to, but I realized that a person is more than the sum of their parts. A person is more than just the church they belong to, crazy preachers and all.


Leigh C. said...

A great deal of debate is going on about this on my Queens synagogue's listserve. Folks are about equally split on whether or not a preacher's support will make or break a candidate. I think Jewish folks in the NYC area are especially split because of all the ways in which specific synagogues' memberships can indeed serve as added judgments of a person's character - multiply that by specific Judaic denominations and the fact that some rabbis have much more of a say in their congregants' lives (like in, say, the lives of a Lubavitcher hasid or something), and it makes the arguments even more heated.

I think, outside of the Catholic Church, any other religions that do not have a specifically designated pope or some such leader are instead dominated by satellite houses of worship that are reflections of their communities more than almost anything else.

In other words, folks, check some of the OTHER folks Barack hangs with. This kerfluffle is just a bunch of fluff compared to.

This is also yet another indication that Obama's campaign managers have got their digits up their rear ends. Just sayin'...they haven't been able to handle this truth.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

More on this Preachergate from Safe As Houses and Hey, Jenny Slater! Two excellent posts.

Both also bringing up the very good point (one I didn't touch on) that some nuttier-than-squirrel-poo preachers have jumped on the McCain bandwagon as well.

But I don't hear a lot about that on the news...

I mean, if we're going to make it a litmust test to judge candidates for political office based on the craziest knuckleheads they know, we're going to be out of canididates.

patsbrother said...

Um, seven years ago liberals had a huge stink over the fact that then-Govenor Bush had evangelical tendancies.

Now, when Sen. Obama lists crazy-face as the man who turned his life around, his spiritual leader for more than a decade, his "uncle", a man who is patently racist and intentionally incendiary...

Mr. Liberal Mouthpiece finds THIS concern objectionable.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, and we saw how well it worked to get all upset about a presidential candidate's evangelical tendencies, didn't we?

Maybe we should have focused on the candidate's competence tendencies, or inspirational tendencies or some other tendencies than what sermons he listens to on the day of rest.