Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving to Canada

On a recent day, I was speaking to another 'educator' like myself about the state of affairs in U.S. Public Education. I admit, I had a lot of ideas, and some of them may have been making me sound a little unbalanced. I may have prattled on for longer than the appropriate time to spend on such subjects, and the other individuals' response was that when things got really bad, they were thinking of "moving to Canada."

In related news...

This evening after waking from my nap, I was reading this rather excellent post at EDSBS (and we need "Bulldog People" and "New Orleans People" threads started, stat).

By following the links there, I was directed to the site Stuff White People Like, where I found the following link about, you guessed it, Threatening to Move To Canada.

Having encountered my share of white people who threaten to move to Canada in my life, I thought this was good information to share.



liberalandproud said...

As one of those white people who often threatens to move to Canada, I have to state that I sometimes actually mean it. I was recently at a convention, during which I spent a lot of time with members of "Team Canada." They were all so nice, and work in my field. If one of them contacted me about a job opening, I'd certainly consider it. Then again, I have very few attachments around here, so moving to another country, even if just temporarily, isn't such a strange notion.

Leigh C. said...

How do you get 300 Canadians out of a swimming pool?

Ask 'em nicely: "Please get out of the pool!"

russelllindsey said...

My parents bought a cabin in Canada a few years ago, and my Dad, whose business is seasonal, spends a lot of time there (we live in Michigan, so it is very easy to get there). He has a great group of friends there too. Once my Mom retires from teaching kindergarten, I can imagine them living up there nine months out of the year.

I spent my childhood vacationing in Canada, and people are incredibly nice.