Thursday, April 03, 2008

Book List

Here's something new for your personal book list, and if you read this blog, you'll have a good time reading this one. Written by Tim Hartford, The Undercover Economist is written to flow, and uses plenty of analogies to simplify the understanding of basic economic concepts behind many of the forces marching through popular culture today.

The chapter on "Why Poor Countries are Poor" was fascinating to read as a resident of New Orleans and a former resident of both provincial (and modernizing) Coastal Georgia and newly modernized Athens, Georgia. It was also a little embarassing to read about coffee shop economics, having worked in one AND having been a coffee snob in the past. I had to laugh about the ways I had been nickel and dimed by the marketers.

I was also blown away on the environmental impacts of globalization and the very point by point description of the modernization of China. It is rare when I read a book that generally exposes me to a completely different way of looking at the world, especially one that helps me explain my own attitudes more effectively.

Overall, quite a worthwhile read for us out here in Average Joe land.


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Sounds interesting. I'll check it out.