Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Jones Case

In the news, the Georgia Southern Univeristy and New Orleans bars came across the wire, and not in a good way. Most recent news is of the acquittal.

But here's a take on the incident by the Athens Door Guy, from the perspective of someone who works in the bars and makes it a profession to do so. As a longtime member of the service industry, I can respect this opinion.

It sounds sad, and it's a shame. I truly believe that. A human life should never be lost because of bar scene bullshit, but it happens sometimes. Alcohol makes people do dumb things, and when you throw in a few variables here and there, sometimes people get hurt or get killed.
I think everyone who's been around the block a few times knows that sometimes situations get out of control. Shit happens, especially when alcohol is involved.

And sometimes, situations can have tragic consequences.


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