Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Debate Shenanigans

HT to Suspect Device.

Sometime soon, regular Americans of all political stripes will just have to up and start setting up and moderating our own debates. (This is kinda what New Orleans should do this Presidential election....) We invite the candidates, dare them to turn us down, and then invite local media to come in and watch. And if anyone asks a stupid question, we hoot and boo them down. We can do this easier if we book a sports venue, and make the media enter through the visiting team's gate. I think that would really set an appropriate tone.

Because this is only funny because it hits far too close to home.

Thinking of ideas to piss off media-types; we should also start a nationwide response primer: When someone from the media asks anyone a stupid question, an appropriate response would be YAHH TRICK YAHH!!!

And another thing: I don't usually read the Huffington Post, but that's what I'm talkin' bout. (And don't forget to click over and watch Jon "I'm Not Questioning Your Journalism" Stewart's opinion on the debate.


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