Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweet Emotion

Today is day two of life back to 'normal.' My best friend of 22 years married a beautiful young lady we've known for 14 years on Saturday. Along with most of the other entertaining comrades they have gathered in the past decades, we sent them off into married bliss with a four (or five, depending on who you ask) day wedding festival that left me so physically and emotionally drained my hands are shaking right now as I type this.

The good news: we didn't go to jail and the event we've been working on (especially SAWB, who deserves an MVP trophy for the bachelor/bachelorette party) went off like a Saturn V rocket. The bad news: none, except that now we all have to go and tend to the errands and projects we've been putting off until this thing is over.

The only real post I hope that gets made about the whole thing would be SAWB's "what ifs" scenarios, if he chooses to post them.

But that's where I've been, if anyone was wandering.

Update: No, I hope other posts are made, especially if they are made by Corwyn, concerning his take on how things went down. Like this. But if you don't know us, you may not be interested. (I still don't know who "AK-57" is...)


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S.A.W.B. said...

i'll see if i can work up the whole 'What if...' storyline sometime today or tomorrow...though I don't know how many details I remember from midnight Sunday through 5 days of flu to today...