Monday, April 21, 2008

You just don't get it, do you Mitch?

And Republicans wonder why they've lost both houses of Congress and are well on their way to losing the White House. Here's a nice tidbit from Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels while trying to drum up support for McCain:
“Nostalgia is fine and Reagan’s economic plan was good, but we need to look towards the future rather than staying in the past.”
Yeah, the cornerstone of the modern conservative Republican movement (Reagan's economic plan) was okay and all but you really need to get over that whole reason you started voting Republican in the first place and throw your vote behind the decreasingly conservative R we put in front of you. Thanks but no thanks. This isn't about Reagan vs. McCain. This is about looking back 28 years and realizing the people we voted for to bring change to our country aren't even trying anymore.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, let's be honest: the Republicans almost universally relinquished any of Reagan's ideas in practice some time ago. They've been running on his legacy (particulary during primaries) and soundbytes but not much else for quite a while.

I was never a fan of the trickle-down theories anyway, but at least the Gipper had an idea and went with it, for good or ill.

These guys today are like snake-oil salesmen in comparison. I always thought it was that Reagan never left his instruction manual to these clowns. But so many folks in important positions came up in the Reagan cult-of-personality, I don't know how that could be.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Wow. Folks are really talking about Mitch's quote. Guess he struck a nerve.

Dante said...

"Well, let's be honest: the Republicans almost universally relinquished any of Reagan's ideas in practice some time ago."

I saw it coming a while ago but thought they'd get the hint before it came to this. Republicans for the past 6 years have been running on national security. It was easy vote-getting thanks to the Democrats deciding to oppose Bush on foreign policy but vote for his foreign policy initiatives anyway. The Democrats were completely inept when it came to the War on Terror and the Republicans did an incredible job of taking advantage of that.

If the Republicans were smart, they would've realized that they can't run on war forever. The people are going to get tired of it. Instead, that's all they focused on and when the steam ran out, they had nothing else to show for it. Now they not only out of ideas, they're out of support.

We conservatives made a mistake. We assumed we were the party. It sure looked that way. When you see or hear Republicans in the media, they're conservatives. When you talk to self-identified Republicans on the street, they conservatives. When you talk to the ones on Capitol Hill... what the hell happened to our party? When a populist can win the Republican Presidential nomination, you know something is very wrong with the relationship between conservatives and Republicans.

The last time an Arizona Senator ran for President, it was the harbinger of a change in the focus of the party. I hope the running of the current Arizona Senator isn't a similar sign. I think Rockefeller wants his old party back.

Dante said...

On a slight tangent from my above post, do a Wikipedia search for auh2o. That's just cool.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

See, I think the Reagan years were the exception rather than the rule for the Republican Party. So he just ended up in the best position at the right place at the right time. Without him, the GOP would still be the broken husk of what was left after Nixon.

Shame that the Party of Eisenhower (and why don't many Republicans refrence that great American?) ends up in an identity crisis so often.