Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Above and Beyond

I toyed with naming this post "In. F**King. Sane." or "Crying. F**king. Wolf."

But no words today can truly capture my gut reaction at something I read today. Here's why:

It pisses me off when folks on my side of the aisle (the left) see the haunting spectres of racism or sexism or any other -ism inside trifling mistakes made by people in this world. I'm not talking the real issues where real "bullshit" has to be called on really real offenders, I'm talking about the little stuff that devalues what it is we are fighting against. It drives me crazy to hear some people still go on and on about the particular -ism that they feel opressed by, and how these people find that particular -ism in everything in life that doesn't go their way.

I want to scream at them: sometimes life sucks and it don't need a conspiracy against you to do so.

Right wingers have this, too, especially when it comes to the obnoxious and inoccuous learned helplessnes they have developed because of "political correctness." As in, "I didn't even try to do X because I knew they wouldn't let me do something that isn't 'politically correct.'

It makes it seem more epic to tell their friends that they didn't put up their Nativity Scene on Labor Day because of some great immovable Big Brother than to tell their friends they just drank too much beer playing golf that morning and had to take a nap.

That's a lot of lead up to my main point. Because this just set me off. I have come to despise the right-wing oversimplification of terrorism. Some of us were paying attention to world terrorism long before these yahoos ever decided to start blogging and making money off witty t-shirt logo websites. But ever since September 11th, 2001, there have come to be a lot of right-wing "experts" on how terrorism works in particular and how the Middle East works in general. Even though, for the most part, these are morons who learn most of what they know from the talking points of other morons.

Case and point: According to a rather well read right-wing yahoo, Rachel Ray's trendy little scarf in the Dunkin' Donuts commercial is reminiscent of terrorist culture. I'll let this toolbaggery sink in for a moment. The resulting asshattery from said blogger's comments are now driving the donut maker to pull the ad for fear of misrepresenting themselves and starting a PR nightmare.

Are you kidding me??? In-F**king-Sane. My only hope is that sane people will be more emboldened to call bullshit on this kind of behavior and those who have been giving any credibility to folks like this will begin to take what these people say with a long overdue grain of salt.



Dante said...

Insane indeed, but how did these "right wingers" get the clout they have concerning terrorism? Seems to me that extremism gained traction back in Sept of 2001. It also seems to me that we haven't had a terrorist attack on our soil since. It's hard to argue with results. Maybe if those of you "paying attention to world terrorism long before these yahoos ever decided to start blogging" would've spent a little time... I don't know... trying to stop that terrorism, those nut jobs wouldn't be able to yank a donut commercial over someone's choice of neckwear.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

This is another one of those arguments that make the case for right-wing assclownery, and I'm disappointed to see you, of all people, falling into this trap. "Since WE started paying attention, terrorism in THIS country has decreased."

We have been dealing with terrorism for a long, long, long time, especially in our foreign departments, but also from homegrown organizations.

Our law enforcment has a long history of dealing with terrorism, from the mob to the Klan and, currently, the crime wave and foreign organizations. Our law enforcment and military have been dealing with such foreign terrorism on American targets since the end of WWII.

Our nation's successes are many but our nation's lapses are legendary.

The one thing we have been able to avoid, for the most part, is foreign terrorism on home soil - the two big exceptions both involving the WTC. One was in 1993, the other in 2001.

Luckily for us, there isn't really a long history of brutal and defining terrorist attacks on the home soil. Because of that, we are unable to compare how effective administrations - and especially punditry - have been just by looking at the absence of big foreign attacks on home soil.

For such comparisons, we are forced to turn elsewhere for our numbers.

But I can guaran-damn-tee that punditry calling out a pop culture cooking show host for wearing a scarf is NOT helping in any way shape or form.

DADvocate said...

I bet you have one of those scarves. Don't you. :-)

I wouldn't know that her scarf was anything but a scarf if some nut hadn't gone beserk. And I still think it's just a scarf.