Monday, May 12, 2008

I wouldnt say I've been missing it...

Last week, one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me took place: I lost my cell phone. I'm pretty sure it's near (but not in) the lake. I've spent a week without the phone and couldn't be happier. I can still check my messages by dialing the number and using my remote password. I just can't be interrupted with phone calls. Too bad eventually I'll have to replace my phone. The upside to having my phone is being able to talk to my wife on my commutes to and from work but it's been really nice just checking for messages occasionally. Maybe when I go back in for a replacement I can get the phone company to shut off my text messaging. It's the biggest racket in telephony right now seeing as what they charge (both ways) for what they provide. And someone always forgets and sends me one so I'm stuck paying $.25 per message for messages I didn't even send because I don't pay their $5 per month for pre-packaged texts.

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