Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Our Pundits Learning?

Oh, I usually don't hold Chris Matthews up as any kind of journalistic representative, but I'm in stitches after watching this segment of Hardball. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to get in a historical argument without knowing any actual history? Oh yeah, that kind of argument dominates our current political climate, sweetie.

This one's about "appeasement" again. We've gone over it a few times on this site, and it infuriates me how that word is misused in this day and age. Especially by people who should know better, especially those currently responsible for our diaster of a foreign policy. I'm appalled that a lot of right-wingers have the definition wrong. The video may help you understand why.

It isn't about policy. It is about advertising a product. That product is the GOP. It is a group of marketing specialists who aren't actually selling anything of substance, or don't actually know anything about the product they're trying to sell. That's why all you really real conservatives are out there wondering what happened to your Party after Reagan and Gingrich.

Talk radio isn't hate radio, it is stupid radio.

HT to the always insightful Safe As Houses who had this to say:

"[I]t's refreshing - and hysterical - to watch [Matthews] absolutely humiliate conservative talk show host Kevin James.

Pretty much, James is an utter moron whose knowledge of history consists of sound bites he's picked up over the years from other utter morons. And Matthews's point stands ... Neville Chamberlain wasn't an appeaser because he talked with Adolf Hitler, but rather because he gave away half of a country he had no right to give away thinking it would satisfy a madman. His judgement was flawed because of what he agreed to and not because he sat down to chat.
Emphasis mine. Other utter morons indeed. I wonder when it stopped being cool to actually know what you're talking about.

Oh yeah...Middle School.


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