Monday, May 12, 2008

The McCain Paradox

Speed Racer isn't the only thing with a lack of incoming cash right now. The McCain Presidential campaign is facing an uphill battle getting donations from longtime Republican donors. Probably the most significant quote in this article comes right here:

``A significant percentage of your base Republican support, whether financial or otherwise, are not fans of McCain because of various things he's done or said or sponsored,'' said Republican consultant Eddie Mahe, who is supporting the Arizona senator. ``Many of them don't see Mr. McCain as being a lot better'' than the Democrats.

Yeah, McCain blazes his own trail. He's a maverick who does as he pleases and breaks rank with the Republican party frequently. Yet conservatives Republican voters (and donors apparently) who aren't so fond of McCain are supposed to just shut up and tow the party line this November? That's the paradox. You reap what you sow. You give us a maverick and we'll be our own mavericks. Loyalty works both way. If you don't have any, we won't either.

At this point, it looks like Barr may be my Presidential candidate. Am I throwing my vote away? I already did that back in the Presidential primary when I turned my back on Ron Paul to vote for Romney who then promptly gave up on us. Ron Paul is a certifiable wacko, but he did line up best with my political leanings. The things he could actually get accomplished line up quite nicely with my political leanings. Voting Romney felt kind of like buying a product from a store that goes out of business the next day. And then in the middle of the night someone breaks into you house, steals that shiny new somewhat-conservative item, and replaces it with a populist liberal who was too far left of "compassionate conservatism" back in 2000.

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